The essential fatty acids

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The higher the saturated fat content of a fat or oil means it becomes solid at a lower temperature. All fats will turn liquid as the temperature rises. All oils turn solid as temperature drops. The temperature at which this occurs depends on the ratio of saturated fatty acids to unsaturated fatty acids. essential fatty acids

The essential fatty acids go rancid (oxidize) quite easily, particularly linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, so must be treated with care. Polyunsaturated oils oxidize when subjected to heat, oxygen and moisture from cooking or processing. Rancid oils are characterized by free radicals — single atoms or clusters with an unpaired electron in an outer orbit — that cause many health problems. They are associated with premature aging, autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s and cataracts. With extreme chemical reactivity, they attack cell membranes and red blood cells, damage DNA/RNA strands and trigger mutations in tissue, blood vessels and skin. Free radical damage to the skin causes wrinkles and premature aging, where as free radical damage to tissues and organs sets the stage for tumors. Since most fats and oils contain polyunsaturated oils, they should never be heated or used in cooking. Commercially sold oils that are high in rancid polyunsaturated fatty acids include the common vegetable oils.

Avoid these oils, as most of them are highly processed:

Canola Oil

Soybean Oil

Corn Oil

Safflower Oil

Cottonseed Oil

Crapeseed Oil

Sunflower Oil

Organic, extra-virgin and cold-pressed olive oil is safe to consume, for it has not been exposed to the harsh conditions of refining. The term “extra-virgin” indicates it is unrefined and “cold-pressed” indicates heat was not used during the extraction process. Choose those that are packaged in dark bottles, since exposure to sunlight can cause the polyunsaturated fatty acids portion of olive oil to oxidize.

When selecting oils for cooking, select those with a higher proportion of saturated fatty acids, which are stable at higher temperatures and will not go rancid as easily as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Coconut oil, butter, ghee, tallow and lard are preferred choices for cooking because of their high saturated fatty acid content. Always choose raw and organic versions of these oils.

Avoid heating fats and oils whenever possible, since raw fats and oils contain many nutrients that are heat-labile. The fats found in raw soybeans, raw cream and raw butter contain nutrients — such as the Wulzen or “anti-stiffness” factor — that help lubricate the joints and support liver function. These nutrients protect against calcification of the joints, essentially preventing degenerative joint conditions such as arthritis. They also protect the arteries, eyes and pineal gland, lubricates joints, skin, eyes and areas of muscle aches and cramps. These benefits are destroyed by pasteurization (over heating) and homogenization (excess blending) of milk.

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Relationship is a healing practice

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Relationship is a healing practice. Our being together may have a far deeper meaning than we realize. It brings our character flaws and unresolved issues clearly into focus and encourages us to perfect ourselves. Our interactions with others, especially others with whom we are close, act as a magnifying glass and a magnet for the beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors we attach to so closely they become invisible. If we “bend over backward,” “walk on eggshells,” or “refuse to rock the boat,” we compromise ourselves and prevent true communion. This keeps us, as well as the other person, stuck, and it precludes any sense of separation or detachment. Therefore, if I am not separate from you and you are not separate from me, neither of us has room to breathe. It is not coincidental that we use the words “You take my breath away” when we are overwhelmed with deep feelings for another person. Relationship

Being in a loving relationship is a gift as well as a practice. It is about more than the obvious issues of romance, attraction, comfort, and security. Loving relationships allow you to experience life in a way that may not always be without pain yet can offer the opportunity to polish the gemstone of your nature. When asthma symptoms arise, whether they manifest as your own or a family member’s, they provide opportunities to make the necessary healing changes.

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The following imagery exercise is one that gives you a chance to Focus on and nurture your primary relationship — the one with yourself, which so deeply affects the ones you have with others. If you choose, you may use this exercise to begin the day for the next 21 days.

Some people find it difficult to hug themselves in adult form. They reduce themselves to child size. They use images of their children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews instead. If it’s this difficult to love ourselves in our imagination, where anything is possible, it makes sense that it would be even more difficult in our everyday lives. Since joy is the primary mind medicine to open and heal the lungs, and love is so deeply related to joy, it’s not hard to see the importance of making a correction. You might ask yourself: What beliefs do I have that prevent me from loving myself as I am? Do I deserve affection? Am I worth it?

The first time Nick, a sixty-five-year-old retiree with acute asthmatic symptoms, tried to imagine he was hugging himself, he found it impossible. Instead, he hugged his grandson. Later, he realized he had skipped a generation by passing over his son; even that felt too close. At the end of 21 days, however, the process of imagery had worked its magic; Nick was able to imaginally hold his face in his hands quite tenderly. He explained how doing this gave him a feeling of warmth that he had missed as a child and had feared as an adult. When Nick stayed with his discomfort, not complaining or judging it, it became an act of healing. If you feel as Nick did, that hugging yourself is awkward and uncomfortable, the key is not to run away but to turn toward thediscomfort and embrace it. You can do this by continuing to practice this exercise. Whatever disturbance you experience is a signal that treating yourself in a loving way is just the kind of mind medicine you need.

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Treatment by Mind

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Diseases may be treated by thoughts. The mind may expel any disease from the human body.

Words are powerful. So is the human mind. It is enough for somebody to apply consciously, with faith, his thoughts to experience that power. Will is needed for that. Through thoughts people, suffering with incurable, horrible diseases, are healed. As long as one believes in the power of the mind, he can do wonders with it. However, strong will is needed for that, without any hesitation.

If people knew the laws that govern the human mind, they could cope with all weaknesses of theirs. There is no a weakness, which could not be fixed by the mind.

Not only the beings from other planets and civilizations influence the Earth, but all people, who are about three billion, affect the Earth and Nature by their brains. The brains of all people affect the entire structure of the Earth. If people concentrated their minds on a certain point, they could melt everything that is there. Rock would be melted by the energy radiated by the human brains. People, if they knew how, could melt all sorrows and diseases by concentration of the mind.

The organism has certain vibrations when it is healthy. The vibrations of the various diseases are different. However, each disease means that the vibrations are decreased. The temperature should be increased. This happens by special thoughts and formulas that change the vibrations when one introduces them into his organism. This is achieved by looking at beautiful paintings and landscapes. The night sky may also serve as a remedy. One, who is frustrated and sick, shall look at the vibrating with different lights stars. One may encourage and recover through the starlight.

Each word has a certain power. If you focus your attention on a word, your brain will connect to the power that is in it and you will experience encouragement or fatigue depending on the nature  of the word. There are words that once spoken, cannot be pronounced again. Why? They have a harmful effect on the human brain. For example, if you pronounce several times the words: “I will get ill.”, you will experience their bad effect on your body and it will not be long before you may get ill. And conversely, if a tubercular patient repeats several times a day the words: “I will recover”, he really will.

People may treat themselves by the mind. The stronger and focused the human mind is, the easier one may recover from a disease. It is enough for him to say a word to recover. There are words that have a magical effect on humans. You shall also know when to say the word. Everything should happen at its place and time.

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Health News: Reasons for Diseases

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Never stay in the shadow of a tree or in the shadow of somebody else. This is a rule, which may be tried by everybody. Many diseases are due to shadows. Each beam, which has reached a man, is evaporated by his organism and after that it comes out again in the form of a dead light. In the shadow of the flower, of the tree or in the shadow of the house, there is still light under the effect of the direct solar beams, and not of the indirect, i.e. the beams of the shadow. Never stay in shadow. Nothing grows in it.

Man cannot keep a certain idea in his mind without it to produce a certain physiological effect on his brain and his nervous system. Knowing the power of the thoughts, of the feelings and of your deeds, you shall be careful about them. One thought, one feeling, one word may cause in the brain and heart of somebody such a tension that it can cripple him.

There is no a stronger poison than the negative thoughts, feelings and states of somebody. Fear, hatred, doubt, suspicion are such poisons. They are dregs, which accumulate in blood and poison it. May man be healthy at such states?

Disharmonious thoughts upset the brain nervous system; disharmonious feelings upset the sympathetic nervous system, and the disharmonious deeds upset the muscle and bone systems. The physical and psychic lives are closely connected.

Our unclean thoughts and desires sometimes leave dregs in our consciousness, as a result of which lots of painful states occur. These dregs accumulate on the spiritual body of man and produce internal perturbations.

Some diseases are nothing else, but a result from spells from the past. For each mischief, wickedness or injustice, done to somebody, man perceives his dissatisfaction and spell, which introduces disharmony in his organism and predisposition to diseases. The wishes of people to their fellows, not matter good or bad, reach them finally. Human thoughts are powerful.

The way the cart shakes somebody, in the same way the vibrations of rude words, of negative thoughts and feelings cause shaking to the nervous system.

It is awful for somebody to keep bad thoughts about somebody else in his mind. Mendacious thoughts accumulate on the consciousness of man as dregs and cause him lots of troubles and sufferings. Negative thoughts make man nervous and indisposed. In order to get rid of bad and negative thoughts, one shall work on his self-education.

While thinking, man knows the place of each word and never smears his language. As long as his language is clean, his body will be healthy. If he introduces one unclean word in his language, he smears his thinking. As long as his thinking is smeared, he introduces poison in his organism and after a while he gets ill.

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Know Your Balls

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As men we normally have two balls, or testes, which are located in a pouch or sac of skin, called the scrotum, underneath our penis. They are easy to feel and check, yet many men never do so. This is a pity because testicular cancer is common in young men and is also easily curable if caught early. So, for the sake of your health, you should know your balls. Of course, many simple testicular problems have nothing to do with cancer at all and some of the more important and common conditions are described in this chapter.

Get to Know Your Testes (Testicles)

The testicles are the male sex glands and are part of the male reproductive system. In adult men, each one is normally somewhat smaller than a golf ball. The spermatic cord is like a flexible tube that goes from each testis to the lower abdomen. The spermatic cord contains the blood vessels that take blood to and from the testis, and the vas deferens which take sperm from the testis to the penis.

What Do The Testicles Do?

Firstly, they make the male hormone testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the development of the reproductive organs and other male characteristics, such as body and facial hair, deep voice and broad shoulders. Secondly, they produce and store sperm, which carry the genetic code to create a baby. Sperm cells are carried from the testicles through small tubes called the vas deferens to the seminal vesicles. Fluid from the vesicles and from the prostate gland is added. During ejaculation (orgasm), this fluid, now called semen, travels through a tube (the urethra) in the centre of the penis and out of the body.


By examining yourself regularly, you will be more confident about your own body and in a better position to notice any changes in a previously normal testicle. If you notice any change in the size of a testis, or any abnormal lumps, swellings or tender spots, then you should see your doctor. Doctors are used to examining testes and will be able to advise if the abnormality is serious or not.

It is important to remember that most abnormalities are not cancer. However, cancer of the testes is the most common cancer in young men in Ireland and affects about one in every 500 men between the ages of 15 and 50. If it is caught early, it can almost always be easily treated and cured. Therefore, it is important to practise regular testicular self-examination so that you get to know how your testes normally feel. This allows any changes to be more easily detected. Viagra in Australia

Testicular Self-Examination (TSE) Procedure

  • Practise this regularly, at least once a month. The best time for testicular self-examination is just after a warm bath or shower, when the scrotal tissue is more relaxed.
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Sinopulmonary Syndromes

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Most, if not all, patients with AFS and concomitant severe lower airways obstruction could be at risk for the development of ABPM. We suspect that the diagnosis of coexistent disease may sometimes be overlooked since at least 50% of patients with AFS have asthma, which is one of the diagnostic criteria for ABPM.

Why all atopic individuals who demonstrate fungal-specific IgE do not develop one or both of these diseases is unclear. This could reflect a dose-response relationship between obstruction and disease or a more robust IgE-mediated inflammatory response in those patients who develop this form of fungal hypersensitivity. Most patients with AFS have evidence of a fungal-specific IgE response to multiple fungal allergens, as was the case with our patient.

In our patient, Chrysosporium, a fungus previously implicated in the pathogenesis of AFS, grew from a culture of surgical material obtained from the sinuses and appeared to be the culprit allergen.

Mast cell-derived products released in such IgE mediated reactions include histamine, a mucus secretagogue. Variations in the viscosity of the mucus produced or the induction of nasal polyposis, also contributing to airways obstruction, also could play a role in the process. There is no evidence to suggest that AFS or ABPM results from an underlying immunodeficiency. However, the association between ABPM and CF has been known for some time.

Some reports suggest that mutations in the CFTR gene are present in patients with ABPM who may have normal sweat chloride levels and lack many of the typical clinical features of CF. Miller et all analyzed the CFTR gene in 11 patients with ABPM and found that 1 patient carried two CF mutations (F508/R347H) and 5 patients carried one mutation (F508, 4 patients; R117H, 1 patient).

In a study by Marchand et al, the frequency of CFTR gene mutations was also higher in patients with ABPM than it was either in patients with allergic asthma or in subjects seeking genetic counseling.

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Causes of Infertility

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Causes of infertility include a wide range of physical as well as emotional factors. Approximately one-third to a half of all infertility is due to a ‘male’ factor. A ‘female’ factor – scarring from sexually transmitted infection or endometriosis, ovulation dysfunction, poor nutrition, hormone imbalance, ovarian cysts, pelvic infection, tumour, or transport system abnormality from the cervix through the fallopian tubes is responsible for 40-50 per cent of infertility in couples. The remaining 10-30 per cent of infertility cases may be caused by contributing factors from both partners, or no cause may be identified.

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Increased risk for infertility can be associated with the following conditions and factors in men:

  • Varicoceles
  • Undescended testes
  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Poor sperm development
  • Infections
  • Medication
  • Recreational drug use
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Trauma
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Testosterone deficiency

Undescended Testes

This affects nearly 1 per cent of males. Our testes start to develop high up in our belly area and have usually come down, or ‘descended’, by the time we are born. However, if they fail to descend they are known as undescended testes. This increases the lifelong risk of testicular cancer. For this reason undescended testes are always ‘brought down’ surgically into the scrotal sac if they have not descended themselves by the age of two.

However, despite this, men with a history of undescended testes still have reduced fertility, even when it is one-sided. This is because it appears that there is reduced ability to produce sperm levels in both the normally descended and the undescended testis.

Retrograde Ejaculation

This results from failure of the bladder neck to close during ejaculation so that sperm goes up into the bladder instead of out through the penis. Clues to this condition may include cloudy urine after ejaculation or reduced or even ‘dry’ ejaculation. It may result from bladder surgery or a disease that affects the nervous system.


Mumps infection can cause swelling and inflammation of the testicles. This is known as orchitis and can have a long-term effect on sperm levels and fertility. Mumps orchitis is usually one-sided but sometimes it can affect both testicles. A complication of this condition is that the testicles can shrink and waste away. Other infections that can affect fertility include sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia, and infections like E. coli in the semen, which can affect sperm motility (movement). General infections of the body can also temporarily affect sperm production and lead to reduced fertility.

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Other Modes of Treatment of ED

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The earliest effective treatment for organic impotence was the penile implant, successfully performed for the first time in 1947 using a single rigid plastic strut surgically inserted into the penis. Previous surgical efforts using a piece of rib or cartilage had failed because of rapid breakdown and absorption of the implant by the body. Although the plastic strut allowed some men to resume coitus, it was the introduction of medical-grade silicone in the 1960s that ushered in a truly practical surgical solution. The single flexible silicone rod was quickly followed by the introduction of more anatomically correct semirigid rods that bend like pipe cleaners, allowing manual positioning of the penis into an erection. Soon afterward, a three-component inflatable device was designed. The components include a bulb placed inside the scrotum, an inflatable cylinder positioned inside the penis and a saline sack inserted into the abdomen. Pumping the bulb causes fluid to fill the cylinder, bringing about rigidity. A release valve in the bulb allows a return to the flaccid state. Today three companies in the U.S. manufacture a variety of semirigid and inflatable prosthetic devices. – The official website for online pharmacies in Canada.

The average age of a patient choosing a prosthetic is 50. Implants seldom wear out, even after decades of use; each implant carries a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee. Implants are safe and almost 100 percent effective. In addition, the approach offers a particular advantage not present in any other impotence treatment currently on the market: it allows coitus without prior planning. That fact greatly increases the overall satisfaction of the men and their partners who choose this option.

Another mechanical treatment is a vacuum pump, a temporary, nonsurgical approach that works on the same principle as milking machines placed over a cow’s udder. Pumping air out of an airtight chamber covering the penis creates a vacuum, which draws blood into the penile sinusoids. A tourniquet is placed at the base of the penis to trap the blood in the phallus after removal of the vacuum chamber. Though safe, the instrument produces varying degrees of penile rigidity for each man and during each episode of use.

Penile Injections

The next major treatment Canadian Pharmacy Viagra advance was hit on by serendipity: in 1979 French vascular surgeon Ronald Virag accidentally injected papaverine rather than saline into a patient’s penis during a diagnostic procedure. To his (and probably the patient’s) surprise, the man became erect. Virag quickly recognized the utility of papaverine, a drug used to induce smooth muscle relaxation. After confirming the reproducibility of triggering an erection, which occurred minutes after intracorporal injection of the drug, Virag announced his findings. This discovery highlighted for the first time that smooth muscle relaxation was the key erectile mechanism and set the direction for the next generation of basic research. Of particular interest is that papaverine acts very far down in the chemical cascade needed for erection by increasing the concentration of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), a chemical that helps to block the entry of calcium ions into the cell, which in turn results in smooth muscle relaxation.

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Medical Prescription Drugs: Viagra

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This brand is now part of sexual folklore. No contraptions, gadgets, or additives. Just pop it beforehand and feel confident your Dick will perform as soon as he gets some sexual stimulation. The folklore itself adds to its effect even if the chemical properties of Viagra do not produce as strong an effect on your individual body as many would have you believe. Nonetheless, it’s the fastest selling drug in history.

Its founders at Pfizer Inc were actually investigating the application of sidenafil citrate on angina, the chest pain you get when arteries to the heart get blocked. It wasn’t working on the angina but the men taking part in the research started getting erections. They wanted more and more of them.

Viagra stays in your system for 4-5 hours and as long as you have some stimulation you should get a natural erection. Some men have reported getting erections 7-10 hours later. That’d be my luck, stiff as a board and the date’s already gone home.

Viagra and its relatives, (like who you may well ask, Aunty Viagra?), belong to a group medically termed PDE-5 inhibitors.

To explain how they work we’ll need to borrow some of the content in Step 5. You can jump to it now if you want because, as knowledge is power, you will get a boost from understanding how drugs actually work in your body.

For now let’s simplify so that you can carry on. On arousal, the brain causes the release of our favourite drug duo at your Dick’s level: Nitric Oxide which creates cGMP. Their end game is to cause penile tissue to relax allowing blood to rush in to lengthen and strengthen your Dick into an erection. What’s cGMP? It means cyclic guanosine monophosphate and it is an incredible substance which is naturally produced by the cells in the penile tissue in response to Nitric Oxide.
When high levels of cGMP are present, the penile tissue becomes relaxed and a natural and stiff erection will occur. Together with Nitric Oxide this chemical is our friendly agent who gets your Dick into a firm, excited stated.

As with most bodily functions we need a counter balancing force to regulate the friendly agent, otherwise your Dick would explode with all the excitement stirred up by the friendly agents. This balancing agent is called selective phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5 to you and me) which acts to counter the cGMP effect. PDE5 is released and regulated by cGMP levels in cells. All you need to know for now is that when these agents interact normally you get a normal erection.

If the balance between these interacting chemicals is not right and PDE-5 predominates, then you get negative forces on an erection. For a lot of men suffering from ED, the PDE-5 enzyme neutralizes any available cGMP and if PDE-5 wins the contest an erection will become flaccid or will not occur at all. Come to think of it, without the PDE-5 and constant stimulation your Dick could be permanently erect and always open for business. Like a 7-11 store?

That’s where PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra, Cialis, buy Levitra in Australia online and Stendra come in. These drugs •inhibit” or block the unwanted PDE-5 so that the useful cGMP is allowed to remain for a good while after sexual stimulation commences. Or, in party terms, if PDE-5 is your ED Party crasher, these drugs bounce him at the door and send Mr ED on a short holiday so that your Dick can get on with doing what he naturally likes doing. They are essentially your Dick’s party drugs!

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Sexuality Is Personalized

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Exercise: Implementing the Good-Enough Sex Model

Adopting new attitudes and openness to feelings is very important, but unless you actually have new experiences the good intentions and energetic feelings will break down.

In this exercise, focus on identifying a new sexual voice incorporating at least two dimensions of the Good-Enough Sex approach. It is a couple task to integrate the new attitudes, behaviors, and feelings into your couple sexual style.

What If You Don’t Have an Intimate Partner Now?

If you are a man without a partner, the Good-Enough Sex model may seem irrelevant. However, not having a partner right now for whatever reason may actually be an advantage, because you do not have the immediate pressure to integrate the model. You can gradually implement this framework and principles with the virtual partner in your mind. That’s right: consider the 12 features of this model and focus on the sexual cognitions, feelings, and behaviors in your virtual relationship. At first this may seem peculiar, but remember that sex is always a relationship dynamic, and there may be several virtual partners you can relate to. You may, in your memory, be thinking about a past relationship, perhaps with someone who sexually hurt or rejected you. Or you may consider navigating a sexual relationship with an idealized or romanticized partner in the present. Or you have a hoped-for future relationship. You can develop increased sexual health while you internally implement the Good-Enough Sex model with your virtual partner. You will be better prepared for the real-life relationship that will eventually come your way.

Because many — when they first hear us propose putting into practice Good-Enough Sex — think we’re encouraging acceptance of mediocre or second-rate, bland, take what you can get, boring sex, here is a brief summary of how our model is radically different, and the blueprint for great sex without the unrealistic hype.

What makes Good-Enough Sex great is that it is not great in the perfectionistic performance sense but in the sense of emotional acceptance and relationship playfulness, cooperation, intimacy, pleasure, and eroticism. Yes, it is a case where reality really is better than fantasy.

Closing Thoughts

The Good-Enough Sex model is a direct challenge to the traditional male perfect intercourse performance model. The Good-Enough Sex approach will facilitate long-term comfort, intimacy, confidence, and satisfaction. Valuing variable, flexible male and couple sexuality allows you to maintain a vital sexual life in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

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