Treatment by Mind

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Diseases may be treated by thoughts. The mind may expel any disease from the human body.

Words are powerful. So is the human mind. It is enough for somebody to apply consciously, with faith, his thoughts to experience that power. Will is needed for that. Through thoughts people, suffering with incurable, horrible diseases, are healed. As long as one believes in the power of the mind, he can do wonders with it. However, strong will is needed for that, without any hesitation.

If people knew the laws that govern the human mind, they could cope with all weaknesses of theirs. There is no a weakness, which could not be fixed by the mind.

Not only the beings from other planets and civilizations influence the Earth, but all people, who are about three billion, affect the Earth and Nature by their brains. The brains of all people affect the entire structure of the Earth. If people concentrated their minds on a certain point, they could melt everything that is there. Rock would be melted by the energy radiated by the human brains. People, if they knew how, could melt all sorrows and diseases by concentration of the mind.

The organism has certain vibrations when it is healthy. The vibrations of the various diseases are different. However, each disease means that the vibrations are decreased. The temperature should be increased. This happens by special thoughts and formulas that change the vibrations when one introduces them into his organism. This is achieved by looking at beautiful paintings and landscapes. The night sky may also serve as a remedy. One, who is frustrated and sick, shall look at the vibrating with different lights stars. One may encourage and recover through the starlight.

Each word has a certain power. If you focus your attention on a word, your brain will connect to the power that is in it and you will experience encouragement or fatigue depending on the nature  of the word. There are words that once spoken, cannot be pronounced again. Why? They have a harmful effect on the human brain. For example, if you pronounce several times the words: “I will get ill.”, you will experience their bad effect on your body and it will not be long before you may get ill. And conversely, if a tubercular patient repeats several times a day the words: “I will recover”, he really will.

People may treat themselves by the mind. The stronger and focused the human mind is, the easier one may recover from a disease. It is enough for him to say a word to recover. There are words that have a magical effect on humans. You shall also know when to say the word. Everything should happen at its place and time.

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