Taking Viagra After 50: Pros and Cons

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Despite the title of this article, we want to emphasize that process of extinction of the sexual function in most males is activated long before the age of 50. Sometimes people with bad lifestyle choice start to lose the normal sexual functions after turning 30 years old. But normal men with healthy lifestyle start to notice the first significant decrease in hormonal activity level of their testes and problems with erection after turning 50 years.

Causes of decreased sexual ability in men after 50 years

Viagra After 50

The onset of middle age of a man leads to gradual decreased production of male sex hormone. Decreased testosterone levels in a male body causes lowering of level of sexual attraction. The process of slowing down the hormonal secretion is natural and occurs in bodies of healthy men.

What factors impact on decreased sexual functions in men after 50 years old:

  • hard physical labor;
  • increased nervous stress;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • poor environmental conditions, living near the areas affected by radioactive contamination;
  • poor diet, fatty foods abuse;
  • smoking, which provokes vascular spasms and increase the risk of blood clots, impeding blood flow;
  • abuse of alcohol, destroying a liver, brain cells that causes severe erectile dysfunction;
  • minimum level of physical activity. Physical inactivity leads to the formation of blood stagnation and weight gain;
  • neuro-psychiatric disorders and depression. Psychogenic pathology caused loss of activity of the nerve cells responsible for the transportation of sexual excitation signals;
  • cardiovascular disease and the nature of endocrine system, neurological lesion, the pathology of urinary and reproductive systems, brain tumors;
  • systemic administration of certain drugs (for the treatment of depression, cancer lesions or Parkinson’s disorder) and the use of low-quality dietary supplements;
  • injuries, entailing defeat genital nerve and vascular walls.

Age treatment of impotence

Sexual disorders occurring in patients of older age have expressed staunch character. That is why elderly patients with erectile dysfunction should receive systemic treatment after preliminary diagnostic examination. The therapy includes:

  1. Psychotherapeutic aid

In the presence of negative psychogenic factors, oppressive work of a reproductive system, patients should get psychotherapy with their sexual partner. During individual therapy sessions with a doctor a man can get rid of the negative impact of childhood trauma and psycho-emotional turmoil that occurred in adolescence. And overcome its sexual fears that are the common causes of erectile dysfunction in elderly age as well.

  1. Drug correction of erectile dysfunction

The beneficial effects on the reproductive system is provided by a number of drugs, including phosphodiesterase inhibitors and hormonal agents. A doctor may prescribe injection therapy when the administration of oral drugs carried out in the corpora cavernosa of a penis or urethra.

The widespread use of tonics receive pharmacological agents based on plant extracts. In addition, patients with erectile lesions and reduced libido gets restorative treatment and receives funds for neutralization of somatic disorders.

Preventing early impotence in men younger than 50 years

  • maintaining a normal level of physical activity;
  • balanced nutrition;
  • receiving medicinal herbal decoctions and infusions (ginseng, ginger, St. John’s wort) to enhance immunity and stimulate sexual ability;
  • avoiding the drugs that suppress the work of reproductive organs;
  • refusal of smoking, receiving narcotic drugs and alcoholic beverages;
  • regular sexual activity with stable sexual partner.

The FAQs about using Viagra in elderly age

Q: If a healthy person takes Viagra, if she changes his sexual feelings?

A: Weird and unpleasant sexual situations can happen anywhere and with anyone, anytime can be expected. When a normal erection is still strong, it is unlikely to be, may reduce or increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

But whether it makes sense for this to take Viagra pills? Another case, if a healthy male erection is unstable due to fatigue, over-voltage disturbances. Drugs for erectile dysfunction (impotence) are prescribed in cases when it comes to cardiovascular problems, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, side effects of certain drugs, as well as age-related changes, psychogenic disorders. Those who truly suffer from impotence pill in most cases do not help.

Q: Can you become dependent on drugs like Viagra if to take them regularly?

A: Purely psychological one. Do not be afraid to get hooked on these funds. they are not addictive. On this occasion, U.S. researchers conducted the survey including 150 men taking Viagra or similar pills. If patients are satisfied with the first dose of 25 – 100 mg, then after two years it is allowed to increase the dose to 50 milligrams. At the same time doctors could not find the link between the frequency of the drug use and to increase the dosage.

However, other researchers on the subject have a different point of view. In particular, with increasing doses due to the fact that a drug is often not given the effect that was expected. When an elderly man is taking Viagra for erectile dysfunction the pill blocks the enzyme nitric oxide and remains in the blood. Over time, the body with received Viagra pills begins to struggle with it, trying to eliminate interference. The effect of the drug is reduced – a person begins to increase the dose and at some point the drug is no longer valid. Like it or not, but the fact that the reception must be under the supervision of a doctor – there is no doubt.

Q: What Viagra’s dose is considered to be hazardous to health in men after 50 years?

A: Typically, the recommended dose is 50 mg, the maximum – not more than 100 times a day. Low dosages of 25 milligrams prescribed to patients with liver disease, renal insufficiency. The maximum daily dose does not cause various complications. Therefore, the effective dose for each patient is chosen individually. Especially carefully medical preparations should be used in patients with anatomical deformation of a penis and suffering from diseases that predispose to the development of priapism.

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