Acne Treatment News: New Website Launches for Seattle Cosmetic Dermatologist

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New Website Launches for Seattle Cosmetic Dermatologist

At her center for cosmetic dermatology in Seattle, Dr. Jodie Reinertson has announced the release of a new website to highlight her services in skin care and facial rejuvenation. Through an assortment of enhanced features and in-depth procedure information, Dr. Reinertson says she hopes to boost patient interaction and education so as to promote the highest level of care possible.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 05, 2012

Seattle cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Jodie Reinertson recently announced the launch of the new website for her practice focusing on skin care treatments and products. Her practice provides facial rejuvenation procedures and skin care such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, chemical peels, acne treatment, and laser-guided liposuction. Dr. Reinertson says she is excited about the new website and the opportunity to enhance patient education by offering thorough information through an interactive and aesthetically-driven interface. By releasing the updated website, she says she hopes to augment doctor-patient communication in order to continue providing quality care to her patients.

Notable features of the new website include drop-down tabs for a more facilitated user experience, in-depth information concerning procedure expectations and frequently asked questions, and an electronic store for cosmetic products. Dr. Reinertson says social media optimization with links to the practice’s Facebook page will allow for improved communication and interaction with patients about procedures such as medical weight loss and BOTOX in Seattle. The site also features an expansive photo gallery of before-and-after results to showcase Dr. Reinertson’s work.

Dr. Reinertson developed the new website in collaboration with Rosemont Media, a San Diego-based medical website design firm. Utilizing the latest in website design and cosmetic dermatology content, Dr. Reinertson hopes to enhance the patient education experience by providing an easy-to-use resource for procedure information and skin care products. She says the new website provides her the chance to continue striving for the highest quality patient care.

About Jodie Reinertson, MD

Dr. Jodie Reinertson graduated cum laude from Boston University and went on to earn her Doctor of Medicine with Honors from St. George’s University School of Medicine. She ocmpleted a Fellow program in Ultrasound at Albany Medical College as well as an Internship in Family Medicine and a residency in Radiology. Dr. Reinertson is a member of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology, the International Society of Aesthetic Medicine, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, and several other professional organizations. She is also active in the donation of skin care, beauty, and hygiene products to the Seattle chapter of Dress for Success, a program for disadvantaged women preparing to transition into the workforce.

Iridex to sell skin treatment unit to Cutera for $5 million

This unit of Mountain View-based Iridex (NASDAQ: IRIX) makes lasers to treat age spots and veins in people’s skin, and also to treat acne and remove hair. Iridex has a separate ophthalmology business not included in this sale — that unit makes laser treatments for serious eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Brisbane’s Cutera (NASDAQ: CUTR) makes lasers and other light-based devices for cosmetic treatments — its machines also treat blemishes on the skin, to remove hair, and to treat visible veins in the skin. Cutera also sells devices to treat toenail fungus.

Dominik Beck is CEO and president of Iridex. He said the sale will let Iridex focus on its eye treatments. Iridex had accumulated a deficit of $19.4 million in October, when it filed its latest quarterly report. It earned $349,000 in that quarter.

Kevin Connors is president and CEO of Cutera. His company lost $2.9 million in the quarter ended September.

New acne treatment shows promise for patients

Anyone who’s dealt with severe acne knows that getting rid of it can be exhausting and expensive.

But a Boca Raton dermatologist says a new treatment could save you money while offering quicker results.

It’s been a long six years for Marco Aletto.

“It’s been a constant part of my life for a long time. I never really thought of it as something that could go away, it’s not a healthy thing to let something so superficial constrict your social life, but unfortunately it does. You meet somebody and the first think that they see is your acne,” said Aletto.

Aletto said he tried dozens of medications over the years, both over the counter and prescription.

Oral antibiotics worked, but he says he began to look for an alternative that would eliminate having to put medicine in his body.

He found Isolaz, a procedure that uses a laser combined with a vacuum.

Dr. Debra Sheldy said “the target is getting these patients off oral antibiotics and getting the inflammation down as quickly as possible and thus reducing the chances of scarring.”

The Isolaz vacuum suctions out the dirt, blackheads and excess oil in your pores. The laser then kills the bacteria.

Dermatologists say the procedure is quick, pain free, and leaves minimal reddening so there’s no downtime.

“I’ve taken every Isolaz treatment I’ve ever done on my lunch break from work which is maybe half an hour and the moment I leave I look better,” Aletto said.

Doctors at Clearyderm in Boca Raton say the quickness and ease of the treatment has been drawing more people into their doors.

That and an increase in adult cases of acne thanks to our stressful lives.

“We see cases from teenagers all the way up to the perimenopausal women who are going though hormone changes,” said Dr. Shelby.

Although they say Isolaz does eventually eliminate the need for oral medicine, a medicated wash and topical antibiotic are still used.

Dermatologists say most people see their acne cleared up within four to six treatments.

As for Aletto, “I’m already stunned by the results that I’ve gotten so quickly. I feel like I wasted all my time and energy.”

Isolaz costs about one hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars a treatment depending on where you get it done. Four to six are usually needed. More treatments may be required for severe cases and maintenance according to doctors.

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Acne Treatment News: Sanofi aims for acne vaccine in new pact

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Sanofi aims for acne vaccine in new pact

Lured by the $3 billion acne treatment market, Sanofi Pasteur has inked a collaboration deal with with the University of California, San Diego to develop an immunological approach to fighting the skin condition.

Current treatments for acne use benzoyl peroxide and oral or topical antibiotics, which the company notes can disrupt the skin’s balance and lead to more resistant forms of the bacteria. The collaboration will attempt to develop a vaccine that will neutralize Propionibacterium acnes factors in inflammation. Financial details of the two-year agreement weren’t disclosed.

“This opportunity could provide an immunotherapeutic product with significant benefits and a novel mechanism of action to address an unmet medical need,” noted Dr. Elias Zerhouni, president of Global R&D, in a release. “This investigational vaccine and treatment may lead to a better solution for the many who suffer from this skin disease.”

Quick Homemade Acne Remedies

Acne is a common skin condition millions struggle with. In order to eliminate zits from our complexion, it is highly recommended to experiment with a few delicate still efficient cleansing techniques.

Using natural ingredients is one way of sparing our complexion from damages caused by chemicals. If you’re ready to make the first step towards a skin-friendly beauty regime, take a closer peek at the quick homemade acne remedies.


Heal your damaged complexion with the help of oatmeal. This natural ingredient has a fabulous cleansing power and can help you remove dirt and free radicals from the depth of skin layers. Apply cooked oatmeal on the affected spots or the whole face and leave the treatment on for 15 minutes. Finally rinse off your face with cold water to close the pores.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It can be a real disaster when a huge zit ruins your party look. In order to soothe the inflammation and reduce swelling use apple cider vinegar.

This natural ingredient has an anti-bacterial effect and can normalize the pH level of your skin. Use a cotton ball to rub a tiny amount of apple cider vinegar into your pimples. Leave the treatment on for 10-12 minutes and finally rinse it off with tepid water.

Cucumber Peel

Use cucumber peel to reduce the inflammation of your skin affected by acne. Rub the juicy peel into your pores and leave the treatment on overnight. In the morning rinse off the treatment with cold water. The dazzling result of your beauty session will be visible right away.

Cinnamon Powder and Lime Juice

Combine a few organic ingredients to prepare soothing facials. In a medium bowl mix cinnamon powder with a tiny amount of lime juice. After you’ve obtained the ideal texture, apply the paste on your zits. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes. Then you can wash the mixture off with tepid water. Citrus fruits and cinnamon have a fabulous anti-inflammatory effect.
Mint Juice and Papaya Juice

Get rid of pimples with the most efficient natural treatment. Mix in a medium bowl 3 tbs of mint juice and the same amount of papaya juice. Use a cotton ball to apply the lotion on your zits. Leave the facial on for 10-12 minutes. Give your pores time to absorb the healing potion. Finish up cleansing your complexion by rinsing off the treatment with warm water.

Lime Juice and Rose Water

Work with organic ingredients which have the power to penetrate into the deepest skin layers and heal your skin from various infections. In a bowl mix 2 tsp of rose water with 2 tsp of lime juice. Apply the lotion on your pimples and give 20 minutes for the facial to exercise its magical effect. When the time is up you can wash off the mixture with lukewarm water.

Introducing X Out(TM) – a New One-Step Anti-Hassle, Anti-Breakout Wash-In Treatment Designed Specifically for Teens

The makers of Proactiv®, America’s No. 1 acne system, announce the debut of X Out(TM), a Wash-In Treatment designed specifically for teens. The new, one-step X Out(TM) acne treatment, is a Wash-In delivery system, designed to wash powerful, acne fighting medicine into the pores and leave it behind to treat blemishes and help kill the bacteria that causes breakouts. X Out(TM) helps banish existing pimples while nourishing skin with a unique moisturizing complex that helps leave the skin feeling smooth and looking healthy. And because it’s tailored to today’s digital- savvy teens, X Out(TM) is the first acne brand with its own entertainment channel to help teens time the suggested two minute wash time. The X Out(TM) Wash-In Treatment is exclusively available at or by calling (800) 996-1971.

“Proactiv has been a leader in acne prevention and treatment for more than 15 years,” said Seth Radwell, Chief Marketing Officer of Guthy-Renker, LLC, the company that markets Proactiv®. “We recognized that we saw an unmet need in the skincare market – some teens need a simple, one-step solution that makes it easy for them to get proven acne treating medicine into their pores to fight acne. Proactiv® revolutionized how acne was treated with the introduction of the 3-step system, and, now with the introduction of X Out(TM) it brings the next big thing – an easy to use Wash-In treatment that addresses the needs of some teens’ who won’t or can’t use a multi-step system.”

No more hassle, no more drama – X Out(TM) incorporates a built-in compliance measure to help teens recognize the recommended two minute wash time for best results and to achieve clear skin. Each bottle of X Out(TM) Wash-In Treatment has a QR code that teens can scan with their Smartphones to be automatically directed to the X Out(TM) Daily Distraction (, where a new two-minute video will be available each day. Whether it’s a video full of fashion tips, sports tricks or straight-up comedy, X Out(TM) teens will be ahead of the class, with continuously updated video content selected just for them, exclusive access to the Daily Distraction and most importantly, blemish-free skin!

The X Out(TM) Wash-In Treatment contains the proven acne fighting power of benzoyl peroxide (8.5%) along with smooth beads to help exfoliate dead skin cells. X Out(TM) is dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic and is paraben and sulfate-free, so it’s suitable for all skin types. X Out(TM) can also be used as a spot treatment by dabbing a small amount on a pimple, or as a 10-minute treatment mask.

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Acne Treatment News: Syntopix boosted by green chemical find

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Syntopix boosted by green chemical find

ANTI-MICROBIAL specialist Syntopix has identified two new ‘green’ chemicals which could be used to develop new oral healthcare products.

The Bradford-based group has just completed a pioneering research project to help scientists creating new environmentally-friendly cosmetic, pharmaceutical and personal care products.

Syntopix researches, develops and tests ingredients for acne treatments, dental products, deodorants and anti-dandruff shampoos.

The company, listed on the Alternative Investment Market, was one of just two successful applicants to win backing for the 30-day project from support organisation Intelligent Formulation.

The study worked with international chemical experts to create novel surfactants. Used to create emulsions and microemulsions, surfactants help water and oily ingredients bind together and are found in many household goods.

The project focused on surfactants that meet the growing consumer demand for cosmetics and healthcare products which use natural and biodegradable products.

Syntopix said the study successfully measured the “characteristic curvature” (CC) of a range of green chemicals – data which gives valuable clues as to how useful the surfactants will be in forming microemulsions. It believes this data could save time and money in the development of new formulations.

Microemulsions are a mixture of oil and water, but unlike ordinary emulsions, contain very small particles. They are found in foods, cosmetics and medicines as well as inks, lubricants and cleaning fluids.

“The work Syntopix has done to characterise surfactants is a benefit not only to the group but also to the wider scientific community,” said Dr Steve Jones, chief executive of Syntopix.

“The project will help define the parameters for successful formulations and we hope that it will encourage surfactant suppliers to measure and provide CC values to aid their customers in formulation design.”

Syntopix will make the CC data public, which it hopes will help with the development of new cosmetic, pharmaceutical and personal care products.

Dr Jones added: “From our own perspective, we now have new chemical information on two environmentally-friendly surfactants that we can incorporate into our own formulations.

“Following our recent acquisition of Leeds Skin, we now also have the capacity to test our formulations in house using our unique human skin model, LabSkin. As consumers demand more natural ingredients in their personal care products, this will give our products a real edge over competitors.”

Last month Syntopix bought a skin testing centre – Leeds Skin Centre for Applied Research – for £900,000, in what it described as a pivotal transaction. The deal means it no longer has to send potential new acne, dandruff, body odour and gingivitis cures to outside laboratories for clinical trials. Wetherby-based Leeds Skin runs an independent commercial testing facility specialising in human skin microbiology and clinical dermatology research.

Leeds Skin will carry on working for its current clients, which include household names such as Boots, L’Oreal, Stiefel, a GlaxoSmithKline company, and PZ Cussons.

Intelligent Formulation is a not-for-profit company, based in Huddersfield, helping companies innovate in formulation.

Its chief executive, Dr Jim Bullock, said: “We are delighted with the outcome of the project and also with its successful collaborative format.

“The results will not only benefit Syntopix but also the wider formulation community in other industrial sectors. We are also very pleased with the high level of interest from that community now that we are disseminating the results.”

In March, Syntopix reported six months of increasing revenues but deeper losses.

Syntopix said pre-tax losses for the six months to the end of January hit £557,000 from £517,000 a year earlier. Revenues from commercial agreements increased to £161,000 from £104,000.

Syntopix’s library of compounds now stands at more than 3,000, and it is exploring how to commercialise this.

Going skin deep

Syntopix was spun out of the skin research centre at the University of Leeds in 2003.

It was founded by husband and wife team Dr Jon Cove and Dr Anne Eady, two of the leading experts in skin microbiology.

Their academic work focused on the microbiology of skin, antibiotic resistance in skin bacteria and the pathobiology of acne and eczema. It received initial funding of £483,000 from the Wellcome Trust, with further rounds of funding totalling £720,000 from Techtran Group, the Viking Fund and the White Rose Seedcorn Fund.

The group listed on the Alternative Investment Market in March 2006.

UPDATE 1-Cipher acne drug shows comparable safety, efficacy

* Says drug meets non-inferiority efficacy margins

* Company to submit NDA in Q4

* Expects six month review period (Follows alerts)

June 7 (Reuters) – Cipher Pharmaceuticals said a late-stage trial showed that its experimental drug to treat a severe form of acne was as safe and effective as currently available treatment.

The non-inferiority trial, which included 925 patients suffering with nodular acne, was comparing the safety profile of the company’s patented formulation of CIP-Isotretinoin with commercially available isotretinoin product, the company said.

The company is banking on the superior absorption profile of its formulation compared with existing isotretinoin products. To achieve optimal absorption, Cipher delivers its formulation using its drug delivery system Lidose, while current formulations are prescribed to be taken with meals.

The drug also met the non-inferiority efficacy margins set for the late-stage trial.

The company said it will use these results along with previously submitted data to submit a revised new drug application to U.S. health regulators in the fourth quarter.

It expects the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to issue a six month review date.

Shares of the company closed at C$1.10 on Monday on the Toronto Stock Exchange. (Reporting by Anand Basu in Bangalore; Editing by Don Sebastian)

Accutane: The Acne Cure That Costs More

Accutane is a cure that could end up costing you your health, which plaintiffs, either part of the consolidated Multidistrict Litigation, MDL 1626, in the Middle District of Florida or the mass torts in New Jersey, can attest to. The permanent damages associated with this medication have left many who have used it broken both physically and mentally. Is the cure for acne really worth the risk of developing Accutane inflammatory bowel disease, a chronic health problem and one of a number of Accutane side effects?
Severe acne and Accutane side effects

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions effecting between 60%-70% of Americans during some point in their lifetime. It is most commonly seen in teenagers due to the constant fluctuation in their hormones. The condition occurs when pores, the hair follicle opening which contains a secretory gland, becomes clogged or blocked. The pore glands or sebaceous glands secrete sebum which is an oily/waxy substance that naturally lubricates the skin. When the pore is clogged sebum builds up along with dirt, debris, bacteria and inflammatory cells, and this leads to the development of black heads, white heads, pimples, pustules, and cysts.

It is not known for sure how Accutane, generically known as isotretinoin, works. The doctors who discovered it, Frank Yoder and Gary Peck, were investigating it back in 1975 as a possible treatment for serious keratinizing skin conditions when they accidently discovered it could cure acne. The current theory as to its mode of action is that is reduces sebum secretion. It is believed that the inflammatory response generated when the pores become clogged with excess sebum is also decreased. Besides reducing sebum it is also thought that the drug may work by producing an antibacterial protein termed neutrophil-gelatinase associated lipocalin (NGAL) which reduces the amount of bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which is naturally found on the skin as part of its normal flora and is most commonly associated with acne.

Though Accutane is considered the only “cure” for acne it is a dangerous one, the side effects besides inflammatory bowel disease include: ulcerative colitis, crohns disease, birth defects, mental status changes including depression and suicide, increased pressure inside the skull, serious skin reactions such as toxic epidermal necrolysis, pancreatitis, hearing and vision impairments, clinical hepatitis, osteoporosis, osteopenia, bone fractures, delays in bone healing, excessive bone growth, and premature epiphyseal closure. The Accutane lawsuit trials taking place in New Jersey have been broken up into two groups those who have suffered Accutane inflammatory bowel disease and psychiatric cases related to the drug’s use.
Accutane inflammatory bowel disease

According to court documents, from Accutane lawsuits, plaintiff’s experts have testified that Accutane has a drying effect on the epidural layer of the skin. The intestines are lined and protected by a layer of mucus and an epidural lining, so it is biologically plausible that Accutane could disrupt the mucosal lining of the intestines and allow damage to occur. Researchers recently published a study which reviewed Inflammatory Bowel Disease cases and isotretinion exposure in a large insurance database and concluded that there was an association between the two and that there was a significant risk of developing the condition with higher doses of the drug. The biologically plausible connection made by the plaintiff’s experts may in fact be the causation needed for an Accutane lawyer to prove the case.

Brand New Online Resource Shows Acne Sufferers How To Finally Get Rid Of Blackheads And Whiteheads

A comprehensive resource on blackheads and whiteheads is now available to adolescents and adults who want to get rid of their acne with topical treatments, removal techniques and home remedies.

BlackheadsAndWhiteheads, a new website providing in-depth information about non-inflammatory acne, is showing acne sufferers how to effectively and safely remove their comedones.

“Acne is a condition that affects more than 85% of adolescents and adults. Many of them leave their blackheads and whiteheads untreated and are then experiencing inflammatory acne breakouts and even acne scarring” says Coralie Ecublin, founder of Treatment of comedones is the first step of effective acne prevention and should be done as soon as some appear on the face or on the body.

Moreover, there are some popular beliefs that prevent acne sufferers from getting rid of comedones. Blackheads, because of their color, are still associated with dirt, which is absolutely not true, and people think they will get rid of them by washing themselves more often, which in fact only leads to more blackheads. Another popular belief is that one can safely squeeze comedones to get rid of them; however doing this can actually lead to more severe acne breakouts and even acne scars.

BlackheadsAndWhiteheads provides acne sufferers with all the necessary information to help them get rid of their embarrassing blackheads and whiteheads. With this information in hand, acne sufferers can make a better choice between the numerous treatment and removal options available.

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Acne Treatment Today

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New prescription treatment allows Canadians to manage acne better

Galderma Canada today announced Canadians now have access to a new once-a-day combination topical acne treatment designed to help people with mild to moderate acne. Tactuo™ is the first prescription topical acne gel to combine adapalene (0.1 per cent) with benzoyl peroxide (2.5 per cent). When used together, the two ingredients work effectively to unplug blocked oil glands and eliminate acne-causing bacteria, providing fast and visible results as early as the first week of use1. Tactuo™ can now be prescribed for patients who suffer from acne.

“Acne can be a very tough experience to deal with because it is highly visible for sufferers and caused by a multitude of factors. Patients often become frustrated with multiple treatments to rid their blemishes,” says Jerry Tan, MD, FRCPC, Adjunct Professor, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Western Ontario. “Tactuo™ allows patients to manage acne with one combined treatment, giving them the ability to concentrate on their lives instead of their skin. We are thrilled that Canadian patients now have access to this novel product.”

Acne affects more than five million Canadians2, with 80 per cent of those between the ages of 12 and 243. Although acne is most commonly seen as a stage of puberty, it can also begin in adulthood, with 75 per cent of adult acne occurring in women4.

Tactuo™ offers acne patients an easy-to-apply combination gel, which requires only one application per day before bed time. In most countries, Tactuo™ is marketed under the name Epiduo™, and it is already the number one prescribed topical acne medication in the U.S. The availability of Tactuo™ in Canada reinforces Galderma’s ongoing commitment to the future of dermatology by providing innovative treatment options for patients.

Acne affects millions of Canadians, and it is a common myth that it will disappear without the use of any medication. “If left untreated acne can worsen, leaving unwanted scars on an individual’s skin,” says François Fournier, President, North America, Galderma Laboratories, L.P. “As the worldwide industry leader in the field of dermatology, our goal at Galderma is to make Canadians aware that individualized treatment approaches to the management of acne are available.”

A Tactuo™ clinical trial published in 2007 in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology demonstrated that Tactuo™ reduced the median number of total acne lesions by more than 50 per cent at the end of the 12-week study, which was significantly better than monotherapy with either adapalene (35.4 per cent median reduction in total lesion count) or benzoyl peroxide (35.6 per cent median reduction in total lesion count) alone.5

“The need for an effective once-a-day acne treatment was clear given the prevalence of acne among Canadians and the absence of a similar combination therapy,” says Wendy Adams, General Manager of Galderma Canada Inc. “We believe that as in the U.S. and other countries, Tactuo™ will become the product of choice for acne patients. This is a unique, effective combination, which provides quick, visible results that are sustained over time. It’s an exciting time for Canadian acne patients and Galderma Canada.”

Tactuo™ is now available for prescription and at pharmacies across Canada. Patients should speak with their family doctor or dermatologist to learn more about Tactuo™ and its suitability for their skincare needs.

The Surprising Strategy That Cleared My Acne

Different from the whiteheads and blackheads that afflict many a high school teenager’s morning, cystic acne is made of achingly large and swollen bumps that form nodules deep beneath the skin’s surface. You can usually feel one ‘cooking’ for awhile before it jumps out in all its crimson glory, fated to take up residence so long on your face for so long, I used to joke that I should start charging rent.

From antibiotics to Retin-A creams to a purge of all oil-containing cosmetics in my vanity and gulping down copious amounts of water like a fish, I tried every Cosmo tip and dermatologist’s prescription. I ordered ProActiv kits under the glow of the infomercial midnight hour, and succumbed to the cutting words and extractions of estheticians who told me it was all my fault for not taking care of my skin properly. (The solution entailed seeing them monthly, of course.)

When not even fancy new microdermabrasion and laser treatments would stop the breakouts and I stopped short of trying Accutane for fear of the freak-tastic possible health effects (balding and stomach ulcers are not usually on top of my to-do list), I finally relegated myself to a lifetime of applying a daily face of heavy makeup to camouflage the unsightly bumps and purplish discoloration that breakouts left in their wake.

It was at this point when a friend mentioned she had heard that dairy could be a cause of cystic acne. In my countless visits to every kind of ‘skin expert’ out there, no nutrition-based plan had ever been prescribed. Cheese addict that I was, it seemed a painful proposition to part with my comfort food — but I was desperate. So I decided to go dairy-free for a solid two weeks as an experiment. After all, I told myself, I had tried far stranger and more arduous regimes. And if nothing happened, I could always abate my disappointment with a slice of pepperoni pizza.

During those two dairy-free weeks, something happened that I had never witnessed in all my years of high school, college and beyond: My acne breakouts ceased.

I was speechless. How was it that not a single skin expert I had seen all those years had ever once mentioned a link between food and breakouts as a possibility to me? In fact, I had once even asked a dermatologist if foods like cheese and chocolate could cause breakouts, and was only told with a shrug that there was no scientific evidence linking the two.

Reflecting on all of this now after well-earned time spent enjoying a clear complexion, I asked famed medical-turned-holistic doctor, Manhattan’s Dr. Frank Lipman, how this could be.

“I’m not sure why traditional dermatologists don’t recognize the link, because it is so very clear. Then again, doctors don’t believe that diet has an effect on many diseases. It may be because we aren’t taught about nutrition in Medical School,” explains Lipman.

Harder yet was finding an explanation as to why dairy can have such a profoundly negative effect on the skin. Again, I was looking in the wrong place by searching traditional medicine for the answer. It takes an expert in the science of nutrition, and how the body processes food, to get to the heart of the matter.

Another medical-turned-holistic doctor, Dr. Susan Blum of Rye Brook, New York, says that sugar causes inflammation in the body, which is often reflected in acne — an inflammatory condition of the skin. White sugar and dairy products, which are high in milk sugars, are prime triggers of this kind of inflammation inside the body.

There’s also another way that sugar whips acne eruptions up into a frenzy. “Many people with acne have too much yeast in their digestive tract, and yeast love sugar. So when you eat sugar, the yeast have a party, and grow. Your skin has yeast in the sebaceous glands,” explains Blum, of the microscopic cells that secrete the oil known as sebum in the skin.

“When yeast grows from the sugar, your skin reacts against it. Something about the dairy sugar is especially reactive for the yeast in the skin, so I suspect that is also something else in the dairy that causes a yeast reaction,” adds Blum.

When it comes to what else could be floating around in your dairy products, the options nowadays are endless.

“There are over 60 hormones in an average glass of milk. The process of pasteurization eliminates many of the beneficial components of milk, and homogenization creates fats that are foreign to most human digestive systems,” says Lipman.

Now before you all think I’m writing a dissertation on dairy as the anti-Christ, let me make it clear that I still enjoy some here and there. Just because you decide to eliminate something from your diet doesn’t mean that you have to abstain from it for the rest of your life, or else risk lightning striking you down as you pluck away at a piece of string cheese.

Once I cleared my system from the build-up of eating so much dairy by going off of it cold for several weeks, I’ve found that a yogurt parfait or spinach quiche here and there have no adverse reaction on my skin now. I’ll even enjoy a slice of pizza or toasted bagel with cream cheese as a treat occasionally, although I often do get a red bump afterwards. I’m a New Yorker, after all.

But in addition to drastically cutting down on dairy, I’ve also flooded my diet with anti-inflammatory foods that help balance, hydrate and heal skin from the inside, too.

Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder is launching a book this month, The Beauty Detox Solution, that dedicates an entire chapter to the ill skin effects of dairy. With image-conscious clients on her roster, she hones in on the foods that best combat an inflammatory reaction in the skin.

Snyder recommends incorporating nutritionally dense leaves like kale and romaine into your daily diet, as well as antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies that burst with flavor and color. Zinc promotes the repair of skin cells, and can be found in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts and coconut. You can also take 30mg of zinc citrate a day.

“Good” fats like those found in avocado, nuts and fish, will help keep skin healthy and glowing. Incorporating green smoothies into your diet, which I do as a breakfast ritual every day that gives me a clear mind and focused energy in addition to clearer skin, is a great way to start your day with a knockout punch to inflammation. I’ve included two signature recipes by Lipman and Snyder at the end of this story as options.

It’s of course ideal to buy organic when it comes to fruits and veggies, though if you’re budgeting, The Environmental Working Group has this handy list of the most important foods to buy organic, as well as those where organic doesn’t matter as much.

Yet don’t let the price tag of organic foods be the make-or-break factor for your decision to eat a skin-clearing diet.

“If you can’t afford organic, don’t let that deter you. Wash your produce extremely well, and you can dilute some apple cider vinegar in a soak to help remove some of the waxes and pesticides,” offers Snyder.

And remember; no matter how much good you do for your skin, you’re not going to see results unless you cut down or out the inflammatory factors. That means dairy and sugar — and according to Blum and Lipman, can also include gluten and factory-farmed meats.

Gluten, the chewy glue-like bond that comes from wheat and related items like rye and barley, can be difficult to avoid in our carb-centered society, but multitudes of gluten-free options are springing up in grocery stores and on menus alike, now that more people are trying to avoid the often troublesome ingredient in a quest for more balanced energy and health.

After going on a gluten-free stint (I now keep about 60 percent gluten-free), I can attest to the further skin-enhancing and energizing effects of freeing your diet from its doughy grasp.

Another bonus? Since aging is essentially a disease of inflammation, eating an anti-inflammatory diet will also help combat wrinkles, sagging, dry skin, and other telltale signs of age.

Friends ask me all the time how I can cut down on so much ‘fun’ food. With my palatte cleared of the junk and processed foods, I found that my taste buds readjusted pretty quickly, and I can savor the “good stuff” as far more flavorful and rich now.

I also rapidly got used to the taste of clear, beautiful skin and an overall sense of wellness and energy.

Triple whammy improves acne outcomes

Using a triple combination therapy for patients with moderate to severe acne vulgaris shows significantly improved outcomes, a study suggests.

A total of 378 patients were randomly assigned to receive 300mg lymecycline orally once daily given in combination with either topical adapalene 0.1% and benzoyl peroxide 2.5% or a vehicle gel, for 12 weeks.

Both groups showed a significant reduction in inflammatory and noninflammatory lesions at week 12, although patients taking the combination therapy displayed a faster onset of action from week two for non-inflammatory lesions and week four for inflammatory lesions.

Patients in the combination group showed a significantly greater reduction in total lesion count at 12 weeks – 74.1% – than those in the vehicle group – 56.8%.

The success rate – determined by clear or almost clear skin – was significantly higher in the combination group, at 47.6% than vehicle group, at 33.7%.

Lead researcher Professor Brigitte Dréno, head of the department of dermatology at the university hospital Nantes concluded: ‘These results demonstrated the clinical benefit of combining adapalene and benzoyl peroxide with lymecycline in the treatment of acne vulgaris.’

Got wrinkles, acne, or dark spots? Midland doctor says HydraFacial can help

Everyone wants better skin. Now a new machine claims to use science to help you get a smooth and beautiful face.

It is called the HydraFacial™, and its available at the Beauty by Rx Medical Spa, owned by Dr. Steven Morris.

The treatment first exfoliates your skin, while infusing it with serums.

These serums hydrate your skin, and specific serums can be used to treat different skin conditions, such as acne, dark spots, and even wrinkles. It also has light attachments that can treat discoloration or acne.

“There is not anybody that is not going to benefit from it,” said aesthetician Michelle Clickner.

Clickner works at Beauty by Rx.

I decided to test it out. After the intense exfoliation treatment, the machine extracts impurities from your pores.

“Can you feel the pressure, the suction of it?” asks Clickner.

I can. It is definitely an intense treatment.

“It is basically vacuuming out your skin,” I respond.

Right after the treatment my skin appeared red and irritated. I was disappointed. One week later though some acne and dry skin that I had been unable to get rid of for months started to clear up.

Clickner says it isn’t just about keeping your skin looking good, it is about keeping your skin healthy. The antioxidants in the serums promote cell health.

“People don’t realize what is available out there, and skin care has advanced so much.”

Alma Lasers pixel modules for aesthetic fractional laser resurfacing

Alma Lasers Introduces the iPixel Fractional Ablative Technology

Unique Roller Handpieces Glide Across the Skin to Dramatically Reduce Treatment Time While Delivering Safe, Effective Energy for Skin Rejuvenation

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill.,Alma Lasers Ltd., a global leader in laser, light, radiofrequency and ultrasound-based aesthetic treatment devices, today announced the launch of its new iPixel series of innovative pixel modules for aesthetic fractional laser resurfacing.

The iPixel CO2, and the iPixelEr—each feature Alma’s roller-style technology which delivers fast, safe treatments with great maneuverability and versatility. This innovative design allows the physician to glide the laser along the patient’s skin smoothly, delivering precision and an effective ablative treatment in a fraction of the time.

With Alma’s unique modular platforms, each of the new iPixel series modules can be used with existing Alma systems. This enables treatment providers the advantage of offering another option in safe and effective treatments without the need to purchase additional systems that take up valuable office space. “The iPixel series applicators are rolled across the skin,” said Alma Lasers CEO Dr. Ziv Karni. “All modules pulse energy into the thermal ablative processes while channeled through a single row of seven pixels.”

In the case of the iPixelEr, for use with the HarmonyXL, the energy delivered is impressive while treatment time is cut in half. For a limited time, the HarmonyXL is now available with all three applicator tips — the iPixelEr, the 7X7 stationary and the 4mm Erbium tips — allowing skin care professionals to choose the right technology for each patient’s needs.

The iPixelCO2, for use with the Pixel CO2 system, channels 70 Watts of energy into only seven pixels, and pulses are released as the roller wheels turn, regardless of the speed at which the handpiece is moving. “While the rollers speed up the treatment, the energy per laser spot causes fractional ablation leading to improved patient and physician satisfaction,” Karni said. “With the iPixel, the removal of fine lines, wrinkles and post-acne scars and skin rejuvenation is quicker without compromising results.”

“All skin care professionals are looking for faster, more efficient technologies without the need for costly disposables to meet the demands of time-pressed patients and revenue stream objectives. These modules provide outstanding advantages to professionals seeking the best results for their patients and practice,” said Avi Farbstein, EVP/GM of North America.

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Skin Care News

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Natural Oily Skin Facial Recipes

With the hot months just around the corner it’s time to update our skin care routine to the needs of our complexion. These natural facial recipes for oily skin will help you eliminate the sebum excess from your pores. Revitalize your skin by using the most efficient green ingredients professional beauticians also include in their secret potions.

Unclogging your pores with special treatments is one of the quick fixes to rule out the chance of any skin problems. Using similar natural oily skin facial recipes will provide you with the best remedy to eliminate the dirt and other free agents from the surface as well as depth of your complexion. Rookies in green skin care will definitely find the visible positive results of these rituals simply thrilling. Those who managed to pile up a multitude of soothing homemade facial recipes will have the opportunity to complete their personal collection with additional treatments.

People who struggle with an oily complexion know how important it is to keep dust and chemicals at a fair distance from their pores. Using skin-friendly ingredients loaded with vitamins will furnish their skin with the necessary protection to stay acne-free. These are some of the recipes you should experiment with next time you feel the need of a soothing beauty session.

Orange and Grapefruit Facial

These common ingredients can be easily purchased at the local store or market. Peel the fresh fruits and use a medium bowl in which you can crush the slices. Additionally add 2 tbs of honey to ease the application of the paste.

After you obtained the ideal texture all you have to do is apply the facial on your skin. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes and finish up your skin care ritual by rinsing off the paste leaving your complexion fabulously revitalized.

Watermelon Facial

This delicious fruit is also used to create soothing facials for your oily complexion. In this case all you have to do is cut a few thin slices of watermelon and crush them in a bowl. Add 2 tsp of honey to make the mixture more solid and applicable.

Cleanse your skin from dirt and sebum excess and apply the mask carefully. Leave out all the delicate spots as the area around your eyes. Leave the facial on for 30 minutes. The watermelon juice will do miracles with your pores. Finally wash it off with lukewarm water.

Cheese Facial

Dairy products when used as ingredients in different facial recipes will show you their natural astringent quality. Cleanse your oily complexion with this calming and nutritive cheese mask. In order to create the facial mix 1 tbs of cottage cheese with 1 tbs of honey. Additionally you can add also 1 tbs of mashed strawberries and 2 tbs of milk. The creamy texture allows the textbook style application of the mask. Cover the critical sections and leave on the treatment for at least 10 minutes. Afterwards you can rinse off the paste with tepid water.

Carrots and Honey Facial

Vitamin C and A are some of the nutrients our skin needs to stay super-healthy and pimple-free. If you don’t get the right amount of these elements it is high time to provide your complexion with soothing facials that include these ingredients. The following carrots and honey facial will furnish your skin cells with the necessary amino acids and minerals. First cook 2-3 carrots and crush them in a medium bowl. Add 2 tbs of honey to make the paste more solid. Apply the mixture on your skin and leave the mask on for at least 10 minutes. Give some time to ingredients to exercise their revitalizing effect, then you can wash the paste off with lukewarm water.

TRIA Beauty raises $21 million from Morgan Stanley and Silicon Valley Bank

TRIA Beauty, a maker of skincare devices, has raised an additional $21 million in debt and equity financing from Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners and Silicon Valley Bank after raising $16 million last August.

The Dublin-based company now has $27 million in equity and $10 million in debt financing it plans to use for its light-based skincare products.

“We remain focused on fulfilling our promise to consumers that TRIA will continue to bring innovative skincare treatments out of the doctor’s office and into the home,” said Kevin Appelbaum, CEO of TRIA Beauty.

TRIA makes the only FDA-cleared hair removal laser available for home-use and last year introduced the Skin Clarifying System, which uses lasers and cleansers to treat acne.

“We are delighted to be bringing the resources of Morgan Stanley AIP to helping Kevin and his team as they continue to deliver great products at great value to customers around the world,” said Jamey Sperans, Manager Director, Morgan Stanley.

The company also put two new members on its board of directors: Mike Valentino, former president and CEO of Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, and Ed Unkart, former CFO of SurgRx Inc., Novacept and FemRx Inc.

LOVE SPORT LOVE LOTIL – Skincare Must Have For All Sports Enthusiasts

Whether you’re an avid skier, skydiver, sailor or cycling fan, whatever your sporting preference, Lotil Cream ( will help protect your skin from the elements.

The rich, hydrating and gentle formula rubs in without fuss whilst providing an anti-bacterial barrier to help fight infection on any broken skin. Those in the know have favoured the deeply moisturising tried & trusted formula for over a hundred years.

As well as testing your body to its limit, sporting challenges can be gruelling on the skin: wind, rain, salt, sun and freezing temperatures can all lead to chilblains, cracks, chaps, cuts and dehydrated, broken skin. Lotil protects and promotes good skin health, contributing to optimal performance by providing maximum moisture and protection against the elements.
Lotil has been specifically formulated for all dry skin conditions. This rich, easily absorbed cream also features antiseptic, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties whilst fighting infection from top to toe, leaving you free to concentrate, with your eyes on the prize and your skin in the best possible condition.
# # #

Tried and trusted for over 100 years, Lotil Cream successfully provides everyone with the most complete skin care and skin relief package available. Lotil Cream is accessibly priced for everyday use by all the family and is available in three handy sizes for handbag, office and home.

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Acne Treatment News

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Largest Survey of its Kind Reveals the Truth About Negative Perceptions of Teenagers With Acne

Largest Survey of its Kind Reveals the Truth About Negative Perceptions of Teenagers With Acne PR Newswire HARROGATE, England, March 30, 2011 HARROGATE, England, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The largest survey of its kind in the UK provides a valuable insight into just how teenagers and parents perceive teenagers with acne. The survey report publication coincides with the launch of a new website, which will provide invaluable support to acne sufferers and their families. The results of the survey confirm that teenagers with acne are consistently perceived very differently as compared to teenagers without acne. Respondents generally felt that teenagers with acne would be less sociable and less successful. Teenagers with acne suggested that they would offer a lot in return for not having acne; one in two teenagers would stay off facebook for a year if they could get rid of their acne forever! In addition, over a quarter of teens with acne would refuse to have their picture taken and a fifth have untagged photos of themselves on Facebook, while around 15% have airbrushed their image to make sure their acne isn’t visible in photos. “I would even take my mum as my date to the end of year school ball if it meant that my acne would be gone forever!” – Teenager. The survey also revealed that 70% of teenagers with acne have not sought medical advice, yet interestingly of the 30% who had sought medical advice, 91% noticed an improvement to their skin after using a prescription medicine. Results indicated: – That teenagers with acne are perceived less favourably than clear skin teens by both teens and adults and demonstrates how acne may impact tee’s’ opportunities for advancing socially and academically – That many parents appear to have misguided perceptions regarding the extent to which teens are affected by their acne – Living in the digital era of instant photography uploads and social networking could be making the issue of acne so much worse for today’s teenagers than previous generations – That the single biggest issue in the majority of teenagers’ lives is their appearance, well ahead of issues to do with their social life and education – A solid opinion amongst teenagers that their acne was not serious enough to warrant the doctors time – And finally, the panel was surprised that so few seek treatment when there are so many effective treatments for acne, especially given the risk of scarring in serious acne when left untreated “Acne affects almost 80% of adolescents and young adults aged 11 to 30 and can have a major impact on the lives of those affected. It is eminently treatable and I would positively encourage people to seek help from their GP. There is better use of existing treatments and new treatments coming onto the market all the time which work quickly to start clearing the spots associated with acne.” Dr Stephen Kownacki, GP Representative for the Acne Academy and Executive Chairman of the Primary Care Dermatology Society. Teenagers and young adults are the age group most commonly affected by acne and the effects of having acne can be very distressing, leaving a negative effect on people’s lives. Despite the high incidence of acne little research has been conducted to examine the perceptions of both teenagers and parents of teenagers with acne. “As Dermatologists we can control and manage acne effectively. Successful and early treatment will result in improved patient satisfaction, confidence and overall psychological wellbeing.” Dr Alison Layton, Consultant Dermatologist and Chair of the Acne Academy.

At Home Acne Treatment Ideas

Team up the healthiest natural ingredients with these easy-to-create recipes to enjoy the fabulous benefits of these at home acne treatment ideas. Pimples can damage our skin condition, therefore, it is highly recommended to treat them with the most efficient natural skin care remedies, as the ones presented below.

Fighting against the most severe skin problems can be pretty backbreaking, especially if you don’t have the secret weapons to defeat your enemies. Fortunately, the most skilled skin specialists came up with a complete list of inexpensive and efficient methods on how to prevent the appearance of zits. Moreover, you can use these soothing remedies also to get rid of pimples that ruin your flawless appearance. In order to guarantee the success of your complexion spa, it is essential to use only fresh and natural ingredients. Read through the following presentation of at home acne treatment ideas to see whether you have discovered the most simple and beneficial solutions to all your skin dilemmas.

Mint Wash

Use peppermint oil to create a fabulous wash for your damaged skin condition. Grab a medium bowl and mix ½ cup cool water with 1 tsp peppermint oil. Afterwards, add a few mint leaves to make the fusion even more soothing and healing. Cleanse your complexion, then dip a cotton ball into the lotion and apply it to the affected spots. Make sure you wipe your pimples with this mint wash, rather than rub it. Rubbing can do more harm than good to your sensitive skin.

Bean Tea

The name of this remedy might sound pretty strange, but in spite of this, you can create a soothing bean tea without any difficulties. All you have to do is take a medium bowl and boil a package of green beans. Leave it for 10 minutes and add some extra chamomile to it. Let the beans steep until the mixture cools. Put the lotion into a bottle and use it to wash your complexion with it at least three times per week. Use this revolutionary remedy to cure your skin from severe zits.

Olive Oil and Sugar

Use a soothing at home acne remedy to save time and money. In order to create this super-simple zit treatment mix 2 tsp of sugar with 4 drops of olive oil and a little water. Make sure you achieve the desired texture to be able to apply the mixture on your pimples. Thanks to the antibacterial quality of sugar, you’ll have the chance to get rid of zits after a few sessions. Use this healthy facial also to make blemishes disappear and restore the spotless condition of your complexion.

Rose Petals

Roses are not only lovely flowers but also some of the most efficient remedies against acne. Stop the severe acne breakouts by using this useful and simple home pimple treatment. Create a fine paste by crushing 6 rose petals. In order to achieve the ideal texture mix the paste with 1 tbs of honey, 1 tbs of natural yogurt and 2 tbs of rosewater. Mix all the ingredients and use a cotton swab to apply it on your complexion. Tackle the affected sections and make sure you leave on the facial for at least 15 minutes to have the desired results. Finally, wash the paste off with tepid water. Include this beauty ritual in your weekly skin care routine to make sure you have the best protection against pimples.

Fruit Paste

The miraculous combination of berries and citrus fruits can provide you with the secret remedy against acne breakouts. Create the perfect mixture to get rid of inflammation and the painful sensation given by whiteheads and severe zits. The first step towards creating the most soothing treatment for your complexion is to grab a bowl and mash one strawberry. Then add 1 tsp of lemon juice and half a tbs of honey. Mix all the crucial ingredients to get a fine paste you can easily apply on your skin. Use a cotton swab to place the facial on your pimples and on the affected areas and leave it on for 15 minutes. Finish up your skin spa by rinsing off the treatment with tepid water.

Clariant ~ Youth Concept Hair, Skin and Nail Solutions

MUTTENZ, Switzerland—Clariant launched Youth Concepts, its new concept of youth-focused guide recipes for personal care and decorative cosmetics formulators. Youth Concepts provides answers to major issues such as acne and dandruff treatment, sun protection, and the desire for balanced skin or vibrant makeup. The concept covers a broad range of ingredients suited to the sensitivity of young skin to ensure optimal mildness and hair- and skin-friendliness. In addition, the guide recipes embrace young people’s preference for healthier products with fewer preservatives and more natural ingredients that have less of an environmental impact.

Many of the ingredients fall within Clariant’s EcoTain range focusing on naturally derived and sustainable products. Many of the products are approved by ECOCERT®, e.g., its Velsan® SC preservative booster, based on natural raw materials; and Hostacerin® SFO, a co-emulsifier for achieving a healthy skin feel for day and under-eye creams, sunscreens, based on vegetable, renewable and GMO-free sources.

Clariant’s Youth Concepts are formulated for males and females within the 14 to 25 age group. The range includes:

Skin Care
Balanced skin: Hostapon® CT paste provides a mild, creamy, dense foam for facial cleansers, shampoos and shower products that resists hard water for effective dirt removal and pore cleansing. It is suitable for oily skin, preventing skin shine.
Natural and fresh skin feel: Hostapon SG is an amino acid surfactant for EO-free and sulfate-free rinse-off cosmetic formulations, such as facial cleansers, shampoos, shower gels and shaving preparations. Based on the natural occurring amino acid glycine, it creates rich and creamy foams with high rinseability. Lastly, it is free of preservatives.
Anti-acne: Octopirox® is a multi-functional active that provides high efficacy for acne treatment. It is active against bacteria, yeast and mold. After four weeks usage of an emulsion containing 0.3-percent Octopirox, the amount of free fatty acids that support acne growth in sebum was reduced by 40 to 45 percent, showing much lower activity of microorganisms. It has an excellent toxicological profile and is non-halogenated.
Sunscreen: Aristoflex® polymers are easy-to-process rheology modifiers and polymeric emulsifiers for sprayable lotions, gels, gel creams and creams. They have a fast breaking effect on skin that creates a non-sticky, light and silky skin feel for sunscreens, self-tanning and skin whitening formulations, as well as offering thickening and texture enhancement for decorative cosmetics.

Hair Care
Anti-dandruff: Octopirox is a mild anti-dandruff active ingredient for shampoos and leave-on hair treatments. It works on the actual cause of dandruff by curing microbial growth. It is not chlorinated and offers an excellent toxicological profile. Its solubility in surfactants makes it suitable for clear products with no need for additional stabilizers.
Smooth hair: Genamin® conditioners give volume and body to the hair combined with a natural feel.

Gloss/shine: SilCare Silicone WSI is an EO-free water-in-oil/water-in-silicone emulsifier that gives decorative cosmetics a brighter and shiny look by enhancing the shine of pigments. The glossy finish it creates can make eyes and lips look fresher and brighter. The emulsifier adds a smooth and silky feel to formulations and helps to reduce tackiness, resulting in easy spreading and application for all kinds of body lotions, sunscreens and skin care products.

Visually-appealing shower and bath products: Aristoflex TAC creates new sparkling optical effects and stabilizes air bubbles or particles in shower or bath products even at low concentrations. The suspending agent for surfactant systems forms clear and stable gels with a yield force over a wide pH range. It is EO-free and is especially suitable for combination with bio-polymers, creating economic and easy-to-preserve formulations with excellent rheology.

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Skin Care Today

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Professional Skin Care Market Rebounds in Europe and the United States in 2010, According to Latest Kline Research

A rise in visits to professional outlets for skin care treatments in 2010 gave way to sales growth for the global professional skin care products market. While Japan remained flat with 0.1% growth, Europe recovered in 2010, posting a 3.0% increase following a 3.3% decline in 2009, and sales in the United States increased by 2.7% in 2010, according to the recently released study Professional Skin Care 2010 Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities by worldwide consulting and research firm Kline & Company.

Most of the leading professional skin care companies enjoyed respectable sales gains in 2010. Brands from the medical care providers channel reaped the strongest growth, with SkinMedica and SkinCeuticals posting double-digit gains. Market leader Obagi, entrenched in the medical care providers segment, maintained its leading position in the U.S. market, experiencing a 13% sales gain for the year.

In the highly fragmented markets of Europe and Japan, Guinot was the leading brand in 2010. While some brands are well established in a single professional channel, such as Sothys and SkinMedica, an increasing number of professional skin care brands adopt multi-channel strategies.

Spas and salons remains the largest purchase channel in the United States, but market share for the channel continues to decline due to stiff competition from other channels and the general market for facial treatment products. Beauty institutes are the leaders in both Europe with 59% and Japan with nearly 68% of market share. Spurred by customers’ trust in doctor’s knowledge in managing various types of skin problems, the medical care providers channel has grown the most in 2010 across all regions.

A number of professional outlets are now offering non invasive alternatives to invasive cosmetic procedures. Marketers also want to appeal to a wider group of consumers, such as teenagers, mature clients, pregnant women, and men, by expanding their portfolio with specifically targeted product lines.

“Looking ahead, there are several areas that marketers should take into consideration for future planning,” suggests Karen Doskow, Industry Manager at Kline’s Consumer Products Practice. “They should be working closely with accounts to help them adapt to the new consumer demand and stock the products that will cover the most prevalent of skin care concerns.” Introducing smaller sizes of products for retail to appeal to a more frugal consumer would be another strategy to consider, Karen points out.

As predicted with Kline’s FutureView forecasting model, the industry experienced a slight but recognizable growth in 2010. Over the next five years the market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 4.2% in Europe, 6.7% in the United States, and 2.6% in Japan.

Professional Skin Care China will be released in May 2011.

Shiseido promises brighter skin

The latest range of products from Shiseido are claimed to give women brighter skin and protection against ultraviolet rays.

THE perception of beauty differs from one culture to another. For the Japanese, it is flawless, snow-white skin or bihaku, as they believe in the proverb that goes, “A woman’s light skin causes one to overlook the absence of other desired physical features”.

Japanese skincare brand Shiseido believes in this idea. Recently, the brand invited a platoon of journalists from Asia to snowy Sapporo for a preview of its new products containing the brightening agent m-Tranexamic Acid, which is said to inhibit melanin production. Combined with other potent ingredients, the new White Lucent products are claimed to be able to give women brighter skin as well as powerful protection against ultraviolet rays.

One of Shiseido’s ‘whitening ambassadors’ Choi Ji Woo for South Korea.

We headed for Moerenuma Park on the outskirts of Sapporo for a seminar on the harmful effects of UV rays and Shiseido’s new products. The former 189ha landfill was transformed by landscape sculptor Isamu Noguchi. It was his last work before he died in 1988. The park took 17 years to complete and was opened to the public in 2005.

The park is said to reach its “peak radiance” in winter. Indeed, we were gob-smacked at the radiance of the Glass Pyramid – the nucleus of the park – bathed in sunlight and surrounded by dunes of snow, where the preview was being held. Cameras clicked furiously as we alighted the buses. The scene clearly reflected Shiseido’s message about women being able to attain lucent skin through their products.

At a dusk cocktail party held in the atrium of the pyramid later, the “whitening ambassadors” for the various markets were introduced – actresses Chiaki Kuriyama (from the movie Kill Bill, global), Choi Ji Woo (Winter Sonata, for South Korea) and Fala Chen (Moonlight Resonance, for Hong Kong). These lovely women affirmed that a daily skincare regimen has helped make a difference and improved their complexions.

“Consistency is very important,” said Chen. “You have to use the right products for a period of time and really stick to it.”

Choi added: “Eating food that’s good for your body is important, too. I drink plenty of water and regularly consume vitamin C.”

Brightening effect

In the past, harmful ingredients such as lead and mercury were used to achieve the bleached look. Today, thanks to scientific R&D and a better understanding of the dangers of UV radiation, efficacious ingredients have been discovered and are used in skin brightening products.

The star ingredient in the Shiseido White Lucent Serum, the brightening agent m-Tranexamic Acid, can now be found in the new SWL Brightening Spot-Control Foundation SPF25 PA+++), Spot-Control Base UV SPF35 PA+++ and Skincare Powder (not sold here).

The foundation achieved quasi-drug status (a product category between cosmetics and medicine) when Japan’s Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry certified its “ability to restrain the production of skin’s melanin pigment, effectively preventing spots and freckles”.

Thanks to the newly formulated foundation with ground m-Tranexamic Acid, skin achieves a natural-looking finish.

Spots and other discolorations are said to be camouflaged by the Luminizing Magic Powder in the foundation. The powder features ingredients that reflect yellow and blue light, making spots seem invisible and producing a more luminous skin. The brightening affect is amplified if the foundation is used together with other White Lucent products.

The new collection of brightening products also contain Shiseido’s super Hydro-Synergy Complex for day-long hydration and Radiance Optimizing Powder (found in the Foundation and Skincare Powder), which lends skin shine and radiance.

The Spot-Control Base UV comes in three shades: ivory to correct uneven skin tone, green to neutralise redness and pink to correct dull or yellowish skin. Shiseido recommends applying it after your morning skincare routine to help the foundation spread evenly and last longer.

Vitamin D from the sun prevents rickets, osteoporosis and some cancers, but over-exposure to UVA and UVB rays results in premature ageing and skin cancer.

The Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++ in the suncare range, a foundation primer that does not wear off with sweat or water, is said to effectively block out UV rays and brighten skin at the same time.

The OptiVeil-UV Technology by Shiseido allows the sunscreen to better adhere to the skin. Thanks to the lightweight and non-sticky texture of the product, it’s easily removed with a water-based cleanser rather than oil-based cleansers as recommended in the past. As a result, there is less stress on the skin.

It contains Thiotaurine and rose apple leaf extract which are said to protect against various oxidative stressors.

“UV rays target from all directions. Even if you stand under a tree, the rays will be reflected off the ground. Particles in the air can also scatter UV rays. So protection is important,” said Shiseido R&D centre’s leading expert in UV research and bihaku, Kiyoshi Sato.

“But this doesn’t mean that you should stay out of the sun. Going out is good for mental health. You can guard against UV radiation by wearing protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses.”

Prices range from RM125 to RM195. The new Shiseido brightening products will be available from tomorrow at Shiseido counters.

Suki Skincare ~ Adult Acne Skincare Line

Suki Skincare launched a line of products to combat adult acne. The company offers a line of skincare products that treat the signs of acne without harsh actives, ensuring safe and gentle cleansing.

Suki Skincare’s Adult Ace line includes:
Bio-Active Purifying Face Serum: Treat the most prominent symptoms of acne with this oil-free serum specifically designed to help reduce breakouts. Created using cosmeceutical-grade, standardized white willow bark extract and blended with goldenseal extract and apple enzymes, this serum combats blemishing, cleans the skin and provides soothing moisture.
Renewal Bio-Resurfacing Peel: Nurse blemish-prone skin with this corrective antioxidant-rich organic peel that works to reveal a visibly smoother, refined complexion. Standardized white willow bark extract and pumpkin enzyme combine to effectively buff blemishes and open clogged pores.
Transformative Cleansing Clay: This 3-in-1 purifying anti-inflammatory cleanser lifts impurities, dirt and toxins to the surface and helps reduce blemishing, irritation and redness.
Concentrated Balancing Toner: Balance skin’s natural pH while efficiently prepping it for additional treatments with this inflammation-soothing, blemish-reducing toner. Rich in natural vitamin C polypeptide liposomes and formulated with standardized white willow bark extract, this toner boosts the immune system as it simultaneously calms irritation.
Pure Facial Moisture – Balancing: Remedy an oily, acne-prone complexion with this 100-percent clean, breathable and bacteria-fighting oil concentrate. The floral blend of organic chamomile, Echinacea, lavender and rose extract creates a non-greasy formula that calms irritation, soothes sensitivities, balances oil production and moisturizes without clogging pores.

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Acne Treatment News

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New One-Step Acne Treatment Promises to Clear Acne Fast

AcneCare ClearTech™ Treatment by Skinheath Technology LLC. is a powerful, yet gentle, one-step solution to unsightly blemishes. This fast acting, highly effective lotion helps heal acne blemishes and prevents further break outs. Provides rapid relief and quickly reduces the redness and inflammation of mild, moderate and severe acne.

Ormond Beach, FL (PRWEB) February 23, 2011

AcneCare ClearTech™ Treatment –a patent-pending formula from Florida-based SkinHealth Technology, contains 5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide that is only 5 microns in size. The particle size is critical in the formula penetrating the skin and getting to the source of acne. (Conventional anti-acne formulas contain benzoyl peroxide with a particle size of 40 to 60 microns.) The powerful, yet gentle formula is designed for ease-of-use as a one-step treatment for Acne Treatment.

The special Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide is combined with a peptide and polysaccharides to provide rapid relief and quickly reduce the redness and inflammation of mild, moderate and severe acne.
Mexico pharmacy
AcneCare ClearTech™Treatment is also enriched with anti-oxidants to help revitalize skin, reduce cell damage and promote healthy, new skin cell growth.

Clinical trials on AcneCare ClearTech™Treatment showed:

87% had reduced inflammation within five (5) hours

77% found the product worked faster than any other products used

95% presented clinical improvement in seven (7) days

90% of participants had marked improvement in three (3) days

75% of participants with sensitive skin found the formula less irritating than other products

“Dermatologists are surprised by the effectiveness of this formula,” says Jack Surrette, Executive Director-SkinHealth Technology. “Their patients are experiencing reduced inflammation in just hours–not days or weeks–and no special washes or secondary steps are necessary.”

SkinHealth Technology, LLC, an R&D based development company which formulates advanced dermatological, therapeutic skincare products, was founded in 2008. Dermatologist, Jeffrey Parks, MD and a team of skincare professionals develop formulas that address bruising, acne, vitamin D deficiency and sun damage.

Best products to treat acne

Anyone who has ever had acne knows how frustrating it can be to deal with blemishes. Whether you suffer from occasional zits, adult acne or constant breakouts, many products are on the market that can help you. But which ones are best? Rather than try product after product to no avail, check out our list of the best products to treat acne.


Choose a cleanser that contains blemish-busting ingredients like salicylic acid. We love DDF Salicylic Wash 2%, which regulates excess oil production without drying it out. Also, try Murad Clarifying Cleanser, which deep-cleans acne-prone skin so it’s less likely to break out.


Moisturizing acne-prone skin can be tricky. You don’t want to clog pores or irritate skin, but you still need to hydrate. Choose a product that’s lightweight and helps control excess oil. Try Boscia Clear Complexion Moisturizer, which contains no synthetic dyes, parabens, sulphates or other unnatural ingredients that can irritate blemish-prone skin. We also love Bliss No Zit Sherlock Oil Control Moisturizer for its ability to calm skin and regulate oil production while delivering a double dose of hydration and zit-fighting salicylic acid.


Say goodbye to blemishes with a mask formulated to treat acne-prone skin. For serious breakout-fighting action, try Kate Somerville Clearing Mask, which heals blemishes while reducing the appearance of pores and acne scars. It can also serve as a spot treatment: Just dab a small amount on zits before you go to bed. Also, try REN ClearCalm 3 Anti-Acne Treatment Mask, which soothes skin and helps prevent the spread of acne-causing bacteria.

Acne treatment

The trick to finding a good acne treatment is to find something that treats blemishes without drying out skin. (Zits plus flaky, dry skin are even worse than breakouts alone!) One good option is Dr. Brandt blemishes no more intensolution, which helps clear up breakouts with a non-drying, alcohol-free formula. Also try REN ClearCalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum to reduce redness, minimize the appearance of scars, and calm and hydrate skin while you sleep.


You may think that having acne means not wearing foundation for fear of making blemishes worse, but some makeup actually helps fight breakouts. Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup helps tone down redness, treat existing blemishes and stop them from coming back. Also try Murad Acne Treatment Concealer, which treats zits while covering them with a smooth, oil-free tinted formula.

Homemade Skin Care and Acne Treatment Recipes

Green your skin care routine and save money while reducing your consumption of plastic container. If you have teenagers or are struggling to keep a clear complexion, you already know how costly acne products add to your monthly budget. Skip the pre-packaged commercial products and make your own skin care remedies at home. Many of the acne treatment products on store shelves use many of the same natural ingredients which you can purchase from the local grocery store for a fraction of the cost.

Even if you attempt to buy products made from recycled materials or recycle the plastic containers once they are empty; you could eliminate the need for the manufacture of so many colorful little plastic vials by making your own skin care treatments. Skin types vary and so do both commercial and homemade treatment recipes. You may have to try several of the Earth-friendly remedies before discovering the one which works best for your skin type. Homemade skin care recipes can help with the removal of acne, diminish acne scars, soften skin, tighten skin and reduce red spots.

Baking Soda Acne Mask

Mix baking soda and enough lukewarm water to moisten in a bowl. Coat your skin with the mixture and allow it to harden for approximately 30 minutes. Gently wash the mixture off and repeat several times a week for smoother and clearer skin.

Egg White Mask

Separate the yolk from three eggs and whip the whites into a froth. Apply the mixture to your face for 20 minutes before gently removing with a warm wash cloth. The mixture typically tightens skins and reduces red inflammation.

Egg Yolk Mask

Vitamin A, which is present in egg yolks, aids in diminishing scars. Simply use a whisk to whip the egg yolk and apply the mixture to your skin for 20 minutes. Wash the yolk off with a warm wash cloth.

Honey Mask

This may be the simplest recipe to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of large pores ever imagined. Simply smear honey onto the face for 20 to 30 minutes. You will feel the honey tighten around your skin. Wash the honey away gently with a warm cloth.

Acne Tonic


3 tablespoons of dried basil leaves
1 cup of boiling water
Blackhead remover mask
A half a cup of Fuller’s Earth
1 teaspoon of tincture of Benzoin
Distilled Witch Hazel

Pour all of the ingredients into a glass bowl and mix thoroughly. Naltrexone online pharmacy Smooth the mask onto your skin and allow it to harden. After approximately 40 minutes gently remove the mask with a warm wash cloth.

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Skin Care News

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Crawford acquires Ark’s wound care business

Pharmaceutical company Crawford Healthcare has taken on Ark Therapeutics’s wound care business in a deal worth £2.7million.

The move will increase Crawford’s UK revenues by £3 million, according to the company, by helping to “deliver the growth opportunities of the existing skin care brands”.

The takeover marks Crawford’s second acquisition in 12 months following its buyout of the global rights to acne gel Zindaclin from ProStrakan Group plc.

Richard Anderson, Crawford chief executive, said the acquisition was an “exciting step in the development of Crawford”.

“We believe we are in a strong position to execute yet more acquisitions that will be similarly accretive to our bottom line by leveraging the new products through our existing sales and marketing infrastructure both in the UK and overseas,” he added.

Gisele Bundchen Continues Going Green with Eco Friendly Skin Care

I would use any skin care line that gave me a shot of looking as stunning as Gisele Bundchen, but I would be way more excited to use it if I knew that it was an eco friendly skin care line. Well, lucky me, because the ever-green living advocating Gisele Bundchen has launched her own eco friendly skin care line, Seeja, which is available to purchase online.

What makes Bundchen’s Seeja line good for the girl who wants to be beautiful but also live green? According to the Seeja website, it can be summed up by this philosophy, “We understand how precious our Earth’s resources are, which is why we have created products with as little impact on the environment as possible.” By “as little impact on the environment as possible,” they specifically mean all of the following:

– Product packaging uses hydro-electric power and is carbon neutral

– Product packaging is made from post-consumer waste paper with 100% recyclable fibers

– Containers are recyclable

– No products are tested on animals

– Products are made using natural clays and botanics

To start the line out, there’s a day cream a night cream and a mud mask (yummmm – who doesn’t love a nice mud mask to relax with?).

Depending on what you currently pay for your skin care, you may find the prices a bit steep – ranging from fifty-six to seventy dollars (the mud mask is fifty-six, the creams are seventy). You also may find those prices totally reasonable. We don’t know what your beauty budget is!

Gisele is becoming quite the green girlie role model. On top of her skin care line, she’s got her own green-educational and girl-empowering eco-cartoon on AOL. We think there’s definitely room there for somebody like Gisele to make “green beautiful” and therefore more aspirational to a lot of girls who may associate “green” with “hippie.” Not that there’s anything wrong with being a hippie, but we need green role models for all types of lifestyles. And Gisele might be just the person to speak convincingly to a younger, female demographic!

Curious? The science of skin care

Lilacs are flowers that are often know for their beauty and unforgettable scent. What most people do not know is the incredible benefits this amazing plant can give them. It has been proven that the stem cells in the lilac leafs can reduce signs of aging and even rejuvenate your skin.

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that can become specialized, like a skin cell. This makes them very unique along with their ability to regenerate and protect the skin.

Dr. Jennifer Linder , who serves as Chief Officer for PCA SKIN, shares that there are three main plants being used in skin care today.

She says the lilac leaf stem cell is a superior antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radical damage.

According to Linder, the grapefruit stem cell’s unique function is to protect human epidermal cells from damage.

Lastly, Swiss apple is most known for its ability to preserve, protect and stimulate human stem cells.

Two great products Dr. Linder recommends are C-Quench Antioxidant Serum and Rejuvenating serum.

The Antioxidant Serum contains a powerful blend of ingredients to prevent and correct cellular oxidation. In other words, it gets rid of signs of aging. It also enlists a host of powerful anti-inflammatory agents to soothe the skin while increasing hydration and adding support to the extra cellular matrix, which is the area that surrounds the cell.

Dr. Linder says the Rejuvenating Serum is the ultimate age defying serum. It uses epidermal growth factor (EGF) technology to stimulate cell and skin renewal. A blend of botanicals and potent antioxidants prevents cellular water loss, helping to keep skin firm, smooth and protected from damaging free radicals. It is especially effective for aging skin and those with compromised skin function.

Dr. Linder explains that the controversy surrounding stem cells originates from the sources. Adult bone marrow, umbilical cords and early stage embryos are the common sources to derive human stem cells, however most stem cells used in skin care products are derived from plants.

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Acne Treatment Today

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Acne Treatment – Simple Steps to Treat Acne That Works

John Appleby, the founder of has been helping people cure their acne problems for a number of years now.

He recently undertook a study of a few young adults who were unable to get rid of their acne despite trying the most popular acne products and medications on the market and prescribed by doctors.

This confused John because he had done a lot of research into the acne problem and has seen how acne treatments can help. When he had enough people with so called untreatable acne he decided that he would look into each case individually and see if there was something that he could do.

What surprised John was that in each case the doctors had not given them some basic advice that he thought was essential. There was a sense that the doctors had looked at the problem and prescribed a medication and that was that. This struck him as being a bit of a one dimensional view on acne and he realized that he might just know what the issue was.

In the spirit of good research he decided that he would set up a test to see if what he thought was correct. So he told the acne sufferers to keep to their current routine but use these two tips as well and in one month’s time he would contact them again to see if there had been a marked improvement.

These two tips were:

– Drink plenty of water. This is such a simple tip and John couldn’t believe that the doctors where not asking the sufferers how much water they were drinking. Being constantly hydrated is essential to good skin health and every single one of the acne sufferers he spoke to were not drinking enough. So he said drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, every day.

– Don’t pick, squeeze or even touch your acne. Appreciating that this is difficult he gave them some advice on how to train their mind to not do it as he found that many were playing with their acne without even noticing they were doing it.

When the month was up and the results were in, every single acne sufferer had experienced at least some improvement. Some were even amazed at the difference this made to their condition.

Acne Treatment Toronto – having flawless skin

20th January 2011 – Every woman in this world thinks of becoming beautiful and dreams of having flawless skin. This is just because they are not satisfied with what they have and there is nothing wrong in asking for the above as it is in the human nature to do the same. There are many facilities all round the globe where doctors and experts are working at the same and trying to make you look beautiful.
It is to be noted that Acne Treatment Toronto has made quite a name in the last decade or so. They are certainly your help at hand as they would provide with the right complexion and flawless skin that you always dreamt of. One method of curing the problem of pimple and acnes is laser treatment which helps you get rid of the problem. Once you start searching the net you would get endless cure for the same, some of which would be temporary while others permanent. There is always a possibility of acne growing back if you do not take proper care of your skin and use harsh creams and chemicals.
Acne occurs because of bacterial growth and laser treatment can indeed help you solve the underline menace. This generally happens because of bad food habits and poor metabolism. When the acne is exposed to a specific wave length of light they get destroyed. Hence this prevents the future growth of acne on that part as well. However, you should remember taking food rich in nutrients and water of a substantial amount.
When the LuxV dual band emits a ray of light of around 400 to 700 nm and 870 to 1200 nm it removes the acne permanently. This beam of light falls under the blue spectrum and has a cooling sensation that destroys the same. People are at times apprehensive about this laser treatment however they should note that this laser treatment does not damage their skin. At times people report of minor side effects but they actually do not occur in the majority of people.
Acne Treatment Toronto has thus found many takers. It should be noted that the treatment is indeed very effective although that it requires a bit of money. You may report of acquiring scars but they can be removed quite easily by medication and ointments. Thus you can stop worrying now and rush for the treatment since the treatment is at hand.

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