How to avoid impotency with Viagra?

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To avoid impotency, it is necessary to know who belongs to the risk zone. Specialists claim that impotency never arrives all at once, it always has some conditions. Only in a small amount of cases it is caused by injury. In most cases it is the result of our way of living. If we take measures in advance we can not only maintain erectile function, but also improve the general health.

The main steps necessary to maintain your health:

1. Cessation of smoking.
2. Physical exercises and loads.
3. The control of body weight.
4. Accurate choice of the medication and the rejection of those that may cause impotency.
5. Administration of medications following the doctor’s guide.
6. Cessation of alcohol consumption, the reduction of consumption to minimum.
7. Cessation of taking superpotent substances and drugs.
8. Careful treatment of diseases that may lead to impotency (Diabetes, kidney diseases and so on)

Smoking disrupts blood circulation, alcohol negatively influences the body in general and nervous system. The lack of necessary physical loads, unhealthy diet and the lack of set order of day lead to stresses. With aging it all leads to impotency. Besides, it not always happens after forty.

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