My Canadian Pharmacy vs. Canada Pharmacy: which is the best drug provider?

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Consumers merit the very best: the best service, the best prices, the best quality, the best selection. In this roundup, we will compare the most reputable Internet pharmacies in Canada for the purpose of helping you, dear customer, find the right dealer, which can offer you what you really deserve. Today, there are two online pharmaceutical giants, My Canadian Pharmacy and Canada Pharmacy, which have come under our scrutiny.

My Canadian Pharmacy vs. Canada Pharmacy: drug ranges

Rewarding online drug shopping starts with a huge choice of prescription and non-prescription medications. Any customer wants options. Many options. A buyer should be able to find both a specific remedy as well as an over-the-counter product.

My Canadian Pharmacy boasts an astounding variety of approved pharmaceuticals: men’s and women’s health solutions, general health medications, antidepressants, anti-allergic medicines, antibiotics, herbal supplements, birth control means, and a great many of other official drugs. Notably that the pharmacy offers both brand-name medicines and their generic counterparts that are available at a much lower price in comparison to the original preparations. All the drugs on their website are divided into categories what makes it much easier for a visitor to find a necessary product. To make it even more convenient and quick, there is also a search line in plain sight to help to-be buyers find an item by name. Obviously, My Canadian Pharmacy takes painstaking care with making their product search a breeze and affording their customers an opportunity to order quality drugs at an affordable price.

It is not by coincidence that My Canadian Pharmacy has a widely assorted range of ED drugs for the best prices. Since this cluster of pharmaceuticals is traditionally believed to be lifestyle drugs and thus looked upon as means of secondary necessity, the cost of such pills as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra is exuberant.

Canada Pharmacy does not have intuitive site interface and it is not clear, what drugs they dispense as there are no drug categories in plain view. To find a product, you need to type a keyword into a search line and enjoy a cascade of results. They claim to offer the largest selection of branded and generic treatments but their drug ranges are limited to prescription drugs, OTC drugs, and pet medications. We can well believe it but suggest making their web portal navigation more user-friendly and delivering a visitor from a necessity to type anything and analyze avalanche results.

My Canadian Pharmacy vs. Canada Pharmacy: prices

My Canadian Pharmacy is this rare one-stop place where a huge medicament choice collides with great prices. A trusted cheap drug finder, My Canadian Pharmacy makes it possible to compare prices on any medication both generic and branded from different e-pharmacies scattered around the Internet and find the most tempting offers and specials for today! Should you find any bid or offer too expensive or unfair, this pharmacy is ready to negotiate lower prices and custom discounts on your behalf with a drug provider, setting forth your terms. Therefore, the clients of My Canadian Pharmacy can rest assured that they are offered the cheapest offers currently available.

Canada Pharmacy encourages everyone to enjoy discount meds in conjunction with an excellent level of customer service. Though the portal does not allow its users to compare drug costs on a global scale, it guarantees the lowest prices on all of their prescription products. In case you find a cheaper medication floating around the Internet, this e-pharmacy ensures they will match the price to your credit.  At the same time guaranteed the lowest costs are only valid during the sale time and they can only match the current advertised price provided both products are identical in brand and size, strength, quantity, and country of production. Actually, there are some other exceptions under which Canada Pharmacy will not match the price. Well, their words speak louder than their actions.

My Canadian Pharmacy vs. Canada Pharmacy: loyalty programs

One of the ways to provide online drug buyers with an exceptional shopping experience is to offer them generous gifts like promotion coupons, seasonal offs, weekly specials, motivating affiliate programs, and themed day discounts. In this respect, My Canadian Pharmacy is second to none: the service offers its clientele lots of ways to save considerably on medical expenses. For each order placed at their website, they propose a promotion code/coupon to bring an already low cost even lower. Above this, the company adds free sample pills of your choice to every parcel they send you. Signed up regulars have an ability to earn customer loyalty gratitude points and exchange them for valuable bonuses. Free worldwide delivery is guaranteed for $200 orders. Bigger orders ($400 worth) are loaded with personal savings (up to 30 % off) that are given after you send a message to their contact center with a query for a custom discount.

Regulars of My Canadian Pharmacy know very well that the opportunities to cut down the expenses of pharmacy shopping with our company are endless. Actually, the idea behind our service is synonymous with mail-order economy. Our e-pharmacy was designed to help customers find the best drugs at the prices that will save their checking accounts from roasting. Here is exactly what we do in order to make this vision become reality…

Canada Pharmacy offers a somewhat more limited amount of loyalty programs but that is very well when you know that there is the Buy Now, Pay Later initiative that allows subscribed users to purchase medicinal preparations now and pay for them a month later. This helps consumers delay the payment for the goods. To reap the benefits of such an enjoyable program, a customer only is required to provide banking/checking account information and have a sufficient sum of money on an account. Their referral program is also interesting: for every customer you recommend Canada Pharmacy to, they give you a $50 credit on future orders. The company also gives the people you bring $50 to spend on their own to-be-placed orders. There also three shipping options: Free shipping for life (with a one-time cost equal to $50), $20 shipping for a year, and standard $10 pay as you go.

My Canadian Pharmacy vs. Canada Pharmacy: testimonials

My Canadian Pharmacy in every way shows that the satisfaction of their customers is of critical importance to them. There is a page on their website, where visitors and shoppers can leave a feedback and propose suggestions. The platform most warmly welcomes the users to share their ideas in return for receiving personal discount coupons via email! Analyzing these reviews, it is possible to say that the service earns 9 stars out of 10. Consumers praise the company for a proactive and friendly customer support, safe and effective drugs, huge savings in prescription filling bills, and the lowest drug price policy. At the same time, there are some drawbacks with My Canadian Pharmacy associated with certain delivery issues. In particular, there can be several day order delays, about which customers are always informed in their inbox.

I am so glad I gave My Canadian Pharmacy a go some half a year ago. My savings in prescription filling bills have been huge ever since then. I recommend My Canadian Pharmacy to friends and family, and if you are reading this while in doubt if you should order or not, I say that you should. Deliveries are accurate, drugs are safe, customer support is proactive and friendly…

There is a convenient online form at Canada Pharmacy site to leave a comment and share your experience with others. There are only positive testimonials presented, which invites the assumption that they just do not allow negative feedback to appear at their 5-star testimonial page. OK, let it be. According to only flattering reviews, the platform can offer a smooth transaction from the first attempt, top-quality medications, a fantastic selection of products, high level of customer service, and heavy promotional discount offers.

In this article, we did our best to demonstrate the main differences between these two online pharmacies: their policy, product range and customer treatment. We think you’ll make your own conclusions in the correct direction, since we tried to be an effective judge.

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